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  1. SOLD Thanks to all that PM'd.
  2. Good question. That is without the controls and harness.
  3. 2017 25 H.P. Mercury in excellent condition with low hours. 20" shaft, electric tilt, electric/manual start. Extended warranty effective thru 4/26. I am located in the Kansas City area. $2850.00.
  4. Thanks for the report, but for a nimrod like me, the "big end" means nothing.
  5. FYI https://majorleaguefishing.com/featured/flooding-moves-mlf-bass-pro-tour-stage-seven-from-grand-lake-to-table-rock/
  6. My son was thinking about selling his. I can't offer any details but he is in the Kansas City area. I can hook you up if I had some contact info.
  7. Thanks for the info. I'll do some research. You should retire as soon as possible. Work hard, save your money, and get out while you can still do what you love to do. Second option is to get the wife a second job which could allow an even earlier retirement.
  8. Where did you fish in NY? We are going to be up there in 2 weeks and I always carry my fishing gear.
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