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  1. Very sad to hear of Bo’s passing. I will try to make the gathering/tournament in Mid-October to cast a line in his honor. Tight lines Bo.
  2. Always appreciated BO’s posts on here. Get well BO!
  3. Another vote for flat creek!
  4. 1) Humminbird 899 HD SI This unit has internal GPS no puck needed. Unit has 415 hours and its in really good shape. Functions as it should. Comes with SI transducer and transom mount, power cable (not shown but again included), gimbal bracket and knobs. $320.00 shipped anywhere in the USA or $300 local pick up in Fenton Missouri
  5. My dad and I came down Thursday to look at some spots and to do a little pre fishing. We put in and focused on little Indian. Wind was howling and white caps. We found some active fish keying in on bait in the back of a cove. Caught one 3 1/2 lb LM on the rig. Friday conditions were much different with low-moderate wind & sun. We started on a main lake point and my dad caught a 2lb LM on his first cast. Two casts later he caught a nice eye on the same spinnerbait. Boat was in 15ft and casting out to 25-30ft. As the sun came up We started to fish docks with shade on them. I was using a ball head jig with a weed guard and small green pumpkin creature bait. Fishing behind a dock a fish picked up my bait. My dad was ready with the net and it was a nice smallie! 4.03lbs on my scale. We caught a couple short fish the rest of the day. Saturday was again different and it was colder with strong winds. We were hoping fish would be back on the bait we found Thursday but that was not the case. Lots of jumping around without any luck. Sunday the sun was back with low-moderate wind. Again focusing on docks with shade I caught a 2.10 smallie on a black/blue jig. Not enough weight to be in the money so we let it go back where I caught it. No other bites on the docks we tried some other areas without success. With an hour left in the tournament we went back to the main lake point and put the boat in 15-20ft. Wind was blowing in strong. Found some chunky Kentucky’s using a swim bait. I locked down a 5th place with the 4.04 smallie on Friday. Looking back probably needed to focus out deeper but that’s fishing.
  6. Thanks Bo. I have a couple sinking twitch style baits that might work like the holy rogue. I will give it a shot.
  7. Well could you teach us youngsters about that old technique lol!
  8. It’s a fun event to fish! This will be my 4th time fishing it. Good luck & tight lines!
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