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  1. And 23 inches long. LOL
  2. Did wendlet seriously blank today like it shows? Lol almost 19 lbs yestrday and 0 fish today. It said he was outta range all day but then still shows 0 on the leaderboard
  3. And he lost 1 over 7 and 1 over 10 he said.
  4. 100% agree with you Bill! I for 1 am 41, I am good at alot of things and great at none of them. I miss competition at times and still enjoy learning at the same time. I have always Loved fishing and have had a deep V crappie/walleye boat for years. I'm at at the point where I can now afford a Bass Boat and will start to fish tourn alone possibly. I have fished many and won a few out if the back of partners boats and Love it. I can 100 % understand why some are against tournaments and will not argue points with any of them. As long as they keep issuing these ragatta, the tournaments will be th
  5. It was the Phoenix Bass Fishing League series also know like quill said as the BFL to us minions around here. It looks to be a 5 tournament series on 3 different lakes and TRL were held back to back bc of the cancelations. It is sanctioned through the MLF which we also all know bought out FLW.
  6. FYI, JB Weld did nothing basically. Used the highest PSI I could find. Pic 1. The other pick is after i refilled reservoir and tried to run up and down then refill again. Went back one of the times and you can see the white looking straight lines on the left of the JB weld. That was liquid coming straight through looking just like the crack. Disclaimer: 1st time I've used JB weld but I thought I'd done it correctly and i applied it over 1 week before i tried to do anything with it.
  7. Hey Jerry, hopefully I see you there! I think Thursdays have only been to pick up rods and stuff. I dont ever remember any mandatory meeting at least in the last 3 years. I always have a blast. I leave on thur and dont come home til sun. Me and a buddy stay at his cabin all weekend. Absolutely nothing to worry about!! Lol
  8. wrench was the 1st person I went to when it happened. Merc wanted dang near a grand for a whole new assembly and for an older boat like this it is just hard for me to do when I am in the works to buy a bass boat later this summer.
  9. My housing that holds the Ram for my Trim has cracked. The motor still works but I am lokking to replace the unit. Anyone got any Leads as to where a guy might find some thing like this used?
  10. Looks like a new way to live scope the fish on the banks to me!
  11. Totally agree with you on this one but I will chime in on it. Not at all to prove anyone wrong but just to say I've been on both sides of the water. When I had VERY Minimal electronics it was simply just much easier for me to catch fish up shallow on banks. Once I upgraded a little, then it was easier to back out some and study more.
  12. I know I was lucky enough to be invited to fish with a buddy that had a tourn going on. We were not allowed to even take off till almost 10 am when the fog lifted. Granted we didnt do great. Had 4 keepers for about a whopping 9 lbs. very tough for us as we could not get bit on anything but the darn ARig, and it wasnt for a lack of trying.
  13. Yeah, I'm all over the board as well. 4 between 10 and 40 then a solid 65th so far. Lol
  14. I'd say it will be cancelled. The Joe Bass scheduled for next sat has already been cancelled as well.
  15. Boy those 80 points sure would help now. 3 in the top 5 then my Missouri Locals bomb the party. Again, Never go with a couple local guys just because!!!! Lol
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