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  1. Yo Mav... was trying to have some fun. I keep a NED on the deck 100% of the time.....But in the heat of the summer 10" ribbon tail is my cats meow!
  2. Only small worms must only work. Corrected.
  3. From memory this old thread. Off topic but had to spy on Dutch's stand up heads. He is on to something and catching them.Looking good and with some Dead ON floating plastic (white jug) I can see why they excel. Been experimenting with some skin pours and the results are promising. In all honesty I have never really poured a bait that I think catches any more than commercial baits off the shelf but am having some interesting results on my baits in my colors. HOWEVER these guys are pouring John Crews designs in custom colors and they look very good! https://www.tournamenttackle.com
  4. Nice job Dutch. I have to admit I am struggling right now but got my fairy wand flying. Good numbers but no size. You however caught the same keepers in a few hours it took me two days to find. When Stockton is high I suck and get all offshore minded. I may change my name to NED as it constantly saves me. I have good fish located on offshore structure who may never eat. Maybe it is the bbq sauce. Man I can see em' but ain't catching them.. Sounds you got dialed in.. Working on a new hand poured frog that shows promise. .
  5. Greetings. It actually sold in 7 minutes. Hilarious. Sorry for not updating. Been busy with fishing.
  6. Sorry for the late to dinner answer. Succeeding at pandemic progress here at the home lake but hoping for life as normal. I am so meticulously organized I may make a big mess so I can re-organize. Over the last few months have not been in a single store nor any building but my own. BUT. Added a full bath, AC and wood burning fireplace to my man cave. Well if catching 12" fish is "eliminating water" I did A OK. The lake came up several feet this week so my observations and experiences changed with these conditions. So probably worth nary much consideration. The same cut or channel swi
  7. I had not heard about sealing the molds. Thanks for the tip. Going deep down the Little Sac this AM. Excited.
  8. My craw molds are Do-it. BUT if I had not lost most of my retirement funds in the latest equities crash I would invest in Angling AI, Real Deal or BTS. And from a long time closet bait-maker buying a mold that injects one bait at a time makes for long nights away from your honey and shorter sleeps between fishing trips. ALWAYS injector molds over hand pours. ALWAYS. Heading to State Park in 15. Heres hoping you all find a big ole' mama bass looking for luv on the flats this week. Bass wishes. kid This mornings limit!
  9. Some of my recent hand pours and what has been eating them.. Quick tip: the beaver Texas rigged with a little 1/8 oz sinker and the pointy NED have been my "locater baits" for bank fishin' while the pud with a 3/4 oz owner beast lead wide gap 6/0 hook are what seems to attract attention offshore.
  10. Dutch You nailed it. The last couple days average maybe 20 fish or so in 5' of water. Still pretty cool 63 64 ish. Fishing some of the same spots but shallower. These fish are wanting to spawn but the cool rain and cloudy skys are confusing them. Going to fish every day this week and maybe catch a bed fish. Additionally hoping to find camping at state park.
  11. Nice job Dutch.. I have been quietly catching really good bags for a couple weeks now. All offshore. 15’ to 20’. The last couple days struggling to find keepers. Thinking of moving back to fishing the banks. Not quite warm enough with this rain. Really surprised at the size of crappie and walleye that are ingesting the NED. My 8-10 keeper LM is way down maybe 2-3 this week. Fishing only one lure 3/8 oz underspin with my hand pours so slow I often snore a bit I think -bank fish are a week out- but I am a pitiful fisherman at best.. Thanks for your update.
  12. Very low hours.. Bought it for my home lake and due to ski traffic only put it in my dock a few times as too nice to get beat up from high boat traffic. Front and rear electronics and brand new Minn Kota troller. Always stored inside climate controlled locker. Not been in the sun for 18 months. This guy really sips gas and gets along at 30+ mph. $7500 takes her home.
  13. Nice job Steve I been quietly catching them on Keitech swimmer with a 1/4oz swim-bait heads. 5-8 foot pretty shallow and if you can miss the moss you catch a fish. Wacky and drop shot fished off the lake bed.
  14. Hey Dutch, Good for you.. Deer season ended for me yesterday and today I prepare for bass fishing "2020". Agreed. I dropped spoons on them for years. Damiki...Check out the "Ledgehead". Below 30' it maintains a level suspended baitfish presentation and not following the rod tip at 45 degree "up" non real fishy fishy angle I actually have an under spin tied on year round. Yo Yo retrieve simply gets the attention of the SM as it drops on the face of bluffs on Stockton. I am off to south Florida soon in my Chinook RV towing the kayak. Trap guns, golf clubs and recumbent
  15. Happy New Year folks, While I am still on the water pretty much every week but now down to a day or two max. Most days do not venture out till 10ish and back on the lift by 3 PM. Fishing productivity and pressure has fallen off dramatically. Quick observance from my notes I most often get bit between 12 and 3 PM. Maybe 3-5 small LM/SM bites are the norm now that temps are in low 40s. When you locate the Kentucky's you can catch several in the 12/13 inch range. Have not located any larger fish since early December with maybe only a keeper or two each week. And occasionally the skunk nev
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