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  1. Not a whole lot. But looking for something bigger for the front of my boat. Like a 7 inch screen
  2. Wheres a good place to buy a used fish finder?
  3. Where can you launch your boat around Forsyth kisses mills area
  4. Can you put in kdock yet?
  5. Will it help if I hook up my external gps antenna to this as well?
  6. Would you be interested in trading for fishing tackle?
  7. Would prefer to trade for a nice fish finder or finders.5 wiggle warts still in box 9 total 9 square Bills 4 10xd and 3 medium divers 21 Football jigs mostly 3/4 oz but a few 1/4 oz all lews or eakins. 30 finesse jigs either lews or eakins as well. 8 spinnerbaits 4 buzz baits lots of trailers either beavers or zoom speed craws. 6 jerk baits 4 10xd 4 spooks 1 popper. Flukes 4 hair jigs. Finesse worms larews biffle bugs. Tubes grubs a lil bit of everything. I can't get all the picks to download
  8. What brand of fish finder do you guys recommend for around $400? I hear negativity on them all. Which ones have you had success with?
  9. Would you do 400 with the transducer
  10. How much and where you located
  11. What's the best fish finder to get for around $400.00
  12. What's the best fish finder buy for around $400.00
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