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  1. HMG's are nice, it is the handle on the elite tech that i like so much. More specifically the Elite tech bass spinning rods have the most comfortable handle I have ever used. It blows my mind that they dont make more like that.
  2. If anyone is willing to part with a Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Spinning rod, Id sure love to buy it. I just broke my ML spin rod, and I guess they dont make them anymore, but it was my favorite rod ever.
  3. How dare anyone enjoy table rock for anything other than catch and release bass fishing. What jerks.
  4. That must be hell.
  5. How am I supposed to see where you're at when you blur out the background like that? Fortunately I think I have an idea, unfortunately I never seem to have those results. 🤣
  6. No reasonable person should be "against" mask wearing in light of the current situation. I suspect this thread was started to rile up a political type argument, or just to troll. This should be moved to the politics thread where hyper partisans can argue over misinformation. It is very obvious that no amount of evidence will convince you to change your mind, you have decided what you believe to be true. Also, Dr. Fauci's statements do not contradict one another, as your initial post implies. Statement #1 says that common sense would tell you that 2 masks would be
  7. Yeah it can be tough to throw em back. I will rarely keep more than 10 cuz thats about how many fish im typically willing to clean lol. I don't see many people at TDL fishing for crappie, i think the clear water pushes them deeper than most people like to crappie fish. Almost all the folks I see fishing are beating the banks for bass. I typically catch a bunch of dink bass when I try, but anything over 15 inches is rare. I did catch a 21 inch lm from Marseilles a few years back, so I know they are there. Also, I bet your place is really great there! Id sure love a house on one
  8. Dang the crappie must have really moved up! I was out on Carmel a month or so ago, and crappies were on the grass edges right off the bottom in 15 fow. Last november we were catching them in Carmel, and a few others in about 6 FOW. Ive never crappie fished Capri, but with the clarity, i would expect it to have some pretty good ones.
  9. It handles fine, although its the only kayak Ive owned, so I cant really compare it to other ones. Its slow, but super stable. If you're just floating and paddling its great, but a kayak is not the ideal boat to be fishing that river from though. Or at least, I sure found it difficult.
  10. I think its a "marbled salamander"
  11. We decided last minute to switch from the NFOW to the Eleven Point. It was my first time on this river, and we fished the stretch from Greer to Turner. It was faster than any river I had ever fished before, and my best bet was getting out and wading. It was also pretty clear, I could see down 6 or 8 feet maybe, and quite a bit deeper than I had expected. We spent most of Thursday at Greer spring, then after put in, we paddled up a ways past the bridge. I don't know how to fly fish, so I was using casting/spinning gear. Thursday I threw various jerkbaits 90% of the t
  12. Dang that's a huge crappie! I have never caught one bigger than 14 inches. Were you crappie fishing, or did it eat a bass lure?
  13. Im probably going to be floating this river for the first time late next week. For those who frequent this river....What should I expect? How deep are the holes? Is it super clear? Is it all trout and smallmouth? Will stripers be there? I think were putting in at Blair Bridge and going to the end, gonna camp a night or two along the way depending on how fast were moving (I move slow). Im going with a fly fishing trout guy, but IDK how to do that, so Ill be throwing jerkbaits mostly.
  14. Ill be floating/camping that stretch in about 2 weeks. Ive never been on this river before, looking forward to it!
  15. what defines jerkbait season? Cold water? I tend to throw a jerkbait anytime and anywhere provided i can see 2 feet or more. I honestly dont have a preference. Megabass jerkbaits are probably the best looking ones but they dont catch more fish than the others. I use Lucky Craft, Rapala, and megabass baits. They are all good. As someone who enjoys painting up lures, the predator blanks are also good.
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