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  1. Well....I fished a creek I've fished my whole life for two hours yesterday. I caught zero bass, and had 3 shake off. Consider me humbled. 🤣
  2. Wow that is serious inside baseball right there! Thanks for the explanation though, that's why you're a professional.
  3. I also prefer heavier gear when throwing a wacky worm. For drop shots and small jigs at table rock though, I use 4# S.O.S line. That stuff is great. I am just curious as to what differences someone would want/need in a drop shot rod vs, a ned rig rod, vs a small swimbait. It seems to me the same rod would work equally well for all three techniques, but a professional fisherman would obviously have more insight than me.
  4. Maybe I am missing something here, or just not that dialed in, but you use a different rod for drop shots, ned rigs, and small swimbaits? Yikes, that seems overwhelming, I use a 6'9" med light spinning rod with 4# line for all three.
  5. Have you considered keeping the dog and getting rid of the wife? That's what I did, best decision I've ever made.
  6. Its not surprising that the bass eat giant jigs. We catch HUGE crawdads at table rock. Some are pushing 10 inches long. It seems like most are about 6-8 inches long including the claws.
  7. That sounds like a fun day! I'm also pretty sure that you're catching them where virtually nobody else does, so kudos for finding that bite/pattern.
  8. How far up? I don't think that I have ever caught any above leadwood.
  9. I only ask because being vaccinated, in general, will decrease the severity of the illness, leading to a higher chance of a positive outcome. I don't know Bo personally, but as with most anyone who contracts this, or any other disease, I wish them the best. I hope he is doing alright..
  10. HMG's are nice, it is the handle on the elite tech that i like so much. More specifically the Elite tech bass spinning rods have the most comfortable handle I have ever used. It blows my mind that they dont make more like that.
  11. If anyone is willing to part with a Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Spinning rod, Id sure love to buy it. I just broke my ML spin rod, and I guess they dont make them anymore, but it was my favorite rod ever.
  12. How dare anyone enjoy table rock for anything other than catch and release bass fishing. What jerks.
  13. That must be hell.
  14. How am I supposed to see where you're at when you blur out the background like that? Fortunately I think I have an idea, unfortunately I never seem to have those results. 🤣
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