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  1. Quality Mark Bow Step may be worth considering. Available to order through Bass Pro Shops (don't think it's an in-stock item) and it's also available on Amazon. 4 models, $299 - $349 od
  2. I'd recommend Walleye Central Classifieds for what you are looking for. I've had good success there but you may need to travel a few hours to adjoining states. Most will send you additional pics that aren't posted to help with your decision. Good luck! od
  3. Yeah...what they said, for sure! od
  4. Saturday, three of us hunted a farm pond about 8 miles East of Stockton Lake. Had a 15 mph WNW wind blowing that made it seem a lot colder than the 36 degrees on the thermometer. This was my first outing this year and the second for my two co-hunters. We managed to harvest 11. A mixed bag consisting of 4 mallards with the rest being gaddies and spooners. All arrived in groups of 2-4 and no high flying flocks were seen so these most likely were local ducks. The first 35 minutes provided the action as we took 8 and then spent 2 more hours to acquire the last 3. We decided to return on Sunday and
  5. Good story Wrench. LMAO! Anyone have an update as to 4 Rivers having water yet? od
  6. Thanks for the report. od
  7. My experience has been much like Oberst......except for the crawler mess! I've been long-lining 3 rods working both points and flats. Whites, 12"-13" walleyes, with an occasional cat thrown in to slime up the carpet. Crappie have been few. Flicker shad and Flicker minnows are both producing about equally. The Firetiger color may be in the lead for bites. Been concentrating on 16'- 23' of water.... Marking fish but evidently my presentation is wrong. Spinners and slow death rigs have produced nearly the same with some bluegills mixed in. Fishing mornings, sunrise
  8. Good job! Thanks for the report. od
  9. Two 24's in the same week! You're on fire man! Congrats. od
  10. You had a fine afternoon...even with the skier challenges. Well done! od
  11. Thanks for the report.
  12. Yep. X 2. I usually launch at Ruark Bluff and fish that area. What you're saying mimics my experience. I've been lucky enough to catch a couple 14" crappie too which for me are exceptional sized crappie from Stockton. Caught and tossed back a bunch of 6" white bass fishing in the spawning creek channels for crappie this year. A lot more than in prior years for whatever reason. od
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