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  1. Never heard of it i use a lowrance with chart it shows contour and maps out old river beds
  2. Oh ok it was our first time out that way
  3. 65 mile marker heading left out of brown bend cove
  4. Be careful up there very shallow run the old river bed if you have the equipment to do so there are places where it is 2ft in main channel
  5. Love how you guys are full of assumptions ragging on about how you think i eat the bass im a sport fisherman if i wanted to eat fish id eat crappie
  6. No actually from my porch i live lake front it was to dark to take a pic so i came inside for a kiss and s picture
  7. I always release for someone else to hook into bass are money fish. I had to kiss her you guys notice her tail it was wore flat are they already bedding i caught it two foot from bank in 3ft or so
  8. I been on worm for past month just caught this brute
  9. Couldn't make it out today anyone have accurate water temperature I would greatly appreciate any feedback
  10. I was using a jerk baits in 10ft of water and an umbrella rig 10 ft water bite was slow but got into some money fish
  11. Looking for someone fishing the thursday night pb2 tournament solo who needs or would like a partner I have all my own gear and will split costs to run boat in tournaments and entry fees
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