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  1. Yea you did!!! That's a great day anywhere!!!
  2. I was going to put this in funny stuff, but I was afraid people wouldn't take me seriously!!! Happy to help!
  3. I would prefer to catch keepers, but I get excited catching 13 and 14 inchers. I just want to feel that tug and fight. It's a bit relative. On some lakes a 13 or 14 inch is a keeper.
  4. I ate a lot of frog legs when I was younger. When I was a kid. We used to go to the strip pits and get them. I was told they taste like a rattle snake. Found out later, rattle snake taste like chicken!😉
  5. I love a lawnmower with a square steering wheel! Makes cutting corners better!
  6. That's cool you guys have that kind of experience and knowledge. Must be years doing it. I'm like Mitch on this one. Don't know enough to try.
  7. For the more mature folks.
  8. You could fish in my boat Mitch.
  9. Your scratching your screen right now, aren't you? lol
  10. Sounds like a job for the county bomb squad or your wife!🤮
  11. They might. That stuff isn't cheap!!!
  12. I wish that Washington DC had a sign like that!!!
  13. I had a armadillo problem a couple of years ago. It was bad. Tried lot's of things. Grub and insect killer helped. Shooting them didn't hurt, but I get sleepy. lol The thing that helped the most under the advice of others was, coyote urine and cayenne powder. I made little coyote urine bombs out of some water bottles and cotton balls. Spread them round the yard. Put the cayenne around the entrance to there yard condo. It worked for the most part. Draw backs are: Chasing a pack of coyotes around with a ladle!!! 😁 The reason I bring that up is. I wonder if that would work on those cats???
  14. I reload all my hand gun ammo and my 223. I was pretty well setup on reloading supplies and have cut back on my shooting some. More of a hand gun junkie. Anyway, I haven't kept up with the ammo problem. Glad it's getting better. Tin cans are gathering in groups. Might need to take a few out.
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