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  1. I won’t be making it to this after all.
  2. I have mine on a separate poll. I didn't like having it on the TM. For me. I find having it on a separate poll because what the the boat is doing in most cases doesn't matter. As long as I can follow the fish with the pole and cast accordingly. It's a lot easier for me personally to track them on a free pole as to try and track them with TM. Just whatever works best for someone.
  3. I have to admit I try to stay out of this crap. There is no good end to these conversations. But this statement, I'm sorry really got me. My daughter being a occupational therapist at a large hospital in KC has to wade in disease riddled individuals every day. I got your sheep buddy. Why don't you come and get it! 28 people died at Cox in the month of July. None were vaccinated. I so want to let you know what I think of you. But out respect to Phil. I won't. I'm done with ya. You can all die for all I care!!!
  4. That's Mrs. Feldman, Marty's wife. They have been happily married for years. Still really haven't got a good look at each other.
  5. Probably had a little sign on her forehead that said, "Your Tax Dollars at Work"
  6. Now relax, and let's see how many centimeters your dilated!!! 😁
  7. Hey guys and gals. At one time there was a thread on here where people would share pics of there boats. That was a fun thread, and I really enjoyed looking at all the boats. I love boats of all kinds. If I were a man of means. I would have a Puma in my shop. But I'm not, so I don't. lol Anyway, if that thread is still around? Would someone be able to help finding that? TIA. Mike
  8. That's brilliant Dan. I wish I would have thought of that. Be like eye fishing with a TR Britannica!!!
  9. Reminds me of the reign of Caligula 😝
  10. I've got a job interview with this company tomorrow. Wish me luck! 😁
  11. If you were maybe interested in a middle of the road air rifle with a middle of the road price for pest at home. Nothing special or fancy. Just don't Woody to fall off the stock the first time I use it. lol What one would be you choice? Mike
  12. Can you believe that at my age, I am just starting to get that? Grrr
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