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  1. No kidding one shot. I had a kid run a red light a few weeks a go and I t-boned him. they were on the fence about totaling it because of the cost of fixing it. But the market price is so high. They decided to go ahead and fix it. Which is what I wanted to begin with. It's hard to find a good, used, late model Ford pickup right now.
  2. Day drinking. It's not particularly a great ideal, but it can be exciting!!! A couple of weeks ago in Republic. Sometimes 5:00 is just to far away. I'm going to need a new headlight. When I retired. I thought I finally will get to fish the best time of year unhindered. Hasn't happened yet.
  3. That's what my wife does. She hires a guy named Mike. AKA... Liphunter. Payment is in the form of a meal. Usually a big helping of hot tongue and cold shoulder!!! Here is my pet peeve with all of this. Fescue - green. Crab grass - green. Why did we decide the easiest one to grow was a weed?
  4. Ours is a little old school. We just have some guy riding a horse through town hollering "Vernon is Coming, Vernon is Coming"
  5. Well you obviously have never taken a draw off of the frozen filtered tip of a sweet Marlboro red!!! I still have fond dreams of those days!!! 😁
  6. Shoot a turkey that falls amongst mushrooms. You should start playing the lottery, if your not already!!!
  7. Launched at Roark yesterday. I was looking for black bass. Caught a few with just one keeper. RC and bleeding shad 1/2 ounce Spinner. I was slow rolling the blade just off the bottom in 13' of water and got slammed by a 16 inch white. At first I blew it off, but then thought about how much fun those are. I turned on the scope and there they were. I must have caught 30 to forty in the 12 to 16''. I quit counting at 27. That was really a lot of fun . I looked in the box and seen a 3.5 kitech tied on. Worked really well. They wanted it real slow. WT 55. 11 to 15 feet. Slightly colored. Saved a f
  8. Great little side trip!!! You know if you put a little piece of tape over that engine light. It's like "Poof!" no more problem.😁
  9. When you finally get it back!👍
  10. That's a good one! Here is my favorite. In yonder year. Which is my favorite time period. The Europeans would ship fertilizer to the America's, but it would get wet during transport in the ships belly. So when crated it would be marked S.H.I.T. (ship high in transport). Now you know the rest of the story. Good Day!
  11. Here they go infringing on my civil rights again!!! I can promise you. If you see me in Walmart. I won't be wearing one!!! "BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) - If you operate a recreational boat less than 26 feet long, you will now be required to use engine cut-off switch links. This law was passed by the U.S. Coast Guard to make sure boaters are safe if thrown overboard."
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