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  1. Gotcha. I have the AR ST Fish Lic with trout "stamp". I think I'm just going to see for myself. I only really want to go out after work when its probably too late to launch the boat and all at Beaver. I should have kept my slip.
  2. I am not sure anyone knows the real answer. I think some confusion lies in the remodel which most assuredly caused several rule changes. Back before all that I was able to take my WW kayak and practice rolling...but you cant even get a vehicle all the way around anymore.
  3. Parks and rec website is expired...but I will call the city and find out what I need. I don't really care if I have a boat out there. I just want to see if I can catch fish. Thanks Dudes!!
  4. Does that include a regular state fishing lic. as well I wonder? I guess I will call the city and see. Thanks!!!
  5. Perhaps someone could help me: I am having difficulty finding any rules or information for boats and fishing at Lake Atalanta. Does anyone have that info or know where I could get it? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hopefully people are good sports!!!
  7. Yes sir. I've been on it pretty much only when it's busy. I am hoping to find some quiet spots that suit me. I never really ventured too far from Prairie Cr.
  8. Thank you. I have plenty of stories, but I need some from out of this lake even though I have been up here a while. I am achin' to find a killer Bass Hole!
  9. Good morning, I just joined this morning, hoping this would be a little insight to fishing around the area. I have been a lake guy my whole life, mostly around Ouachita. Having moved to Beaver Lake and have a bass boat, I might as well learn what I can. Hope to hear from you guys. Tight Lines, BasserMan5000
  10. I agree. I agree. I loved Cabela's just the way it was...HOWEVER, I also love the little Bass Pro experience. So....
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