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  1. Has anyone eaten at Charleys Buffet out of Lincoln, MO at Truman Lake?
  2. Anyone been fishing on Truman lately? I am thinking about making a run there for a few days. Thanks
  3. When do you plant your sweet onion seed?
  4. Thanks, this works well for me, And I have a lot of silicone packs for my fishing lures and such. The Freezer it will be then. In sealing Glass containers/jars
  5. What about the freezer.? Or is that to cold? Have more space in the upright freezer than my house refrigerator.
  6. How are you all storing your seeds for next year, Through the winter? Wife says to store them in the shed, in Jars. I say store them in the basement in the jars. Does it make a difference?
  7. Cost to me for 100 board ft was $140.00 was green but had been layed down for 2 years. I laid it out for 4 days in the sun, no warping or cracking. Was not very wet/moisture in it. Hell I have bought 2x12's floor joist, wetter than this oak was.
  8. I found a guy on St. Louis Craigslist that has a small saw mill side business, out in North Jefferson County. Really nice guy. Will cut what ever you want reasonably. He just cut me some White Oak for a couple of raised beds I wanted to put in, besides the new Garden area. The boards measured 14 3/4'' x 10ft x 5/4, He cut them while I was there. Just letting you all know.
  9. Be grateful you are still breathing.
  10. I Know or Believe I know what the pipe is for, Fertilizer? Yes or No? But what are you using for fertilizer on your Maters? Thanks
  11. Thanks Guys. I will report when I get back.
  12. Is the Ferry area considered the upper Bull Shoals area? Thinking of going after Labor day week-end for a week and staying at Lakewood Resort. Any tips on areas to fish for Smallies and Largemouths?
  13. Our spoiled guard dog and another close-up
  14. Garden is ready for next year. 16'x20', the I also have some raised bed areas also. Wife painted the weather vain. It is a old old one we picked up some 40 years ago. Moved it from 6 houses we built together. More photo's later
  15. What kind of wood you using for the raised beds?
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