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  1. I have a couple at Bullseye Bait and Tackle right now and will report when I get them back/
  2. Just goes to show that those Preservative's really work
  3. How is the Bass and Crappie fishing at Lake Sara. Thinking about making a run over for a couple days during the week. Thanks
  4. Well the bass trip was a very successful one. Wet but successful. We fish 6 to 3 each day. Had topwater bites some, not perfect. Largest on Top water, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdayi was just 1 a little over 4lbs. More shorts than keeper though. Sunday Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was good for a lot of Bass on plastics and Jigs. Just a few keepers on a crankbait, Overall very nice trip, caught from 20 to 30 fish a day. Largest fish was a 6.23lb bass. Best 6 fish was on Tuesday with around 20lbs.
  5. Well I have to disagree with you. My Insurance Company has paid for 3 Complete lower units thru the years.
  6. My fishing buddy/best friend is 81 now, I am 67. he is a retired Marine. He can bass fish all day, even though I out catch him, most of the time, when we are fishing. Never complains about much at all. When we fish it is generally 4 days straight, 8 to 10 hours a day. He will run the trolling motor generally more than me also.
  7. http://grapevine.uslakes.info/Article/8BBAC7E4-2926-414B-9BD3-5C9E208EC5A0/New-Boat-Engine-Cutoff-Switch-Law-Goes-Into-Effect-April-1/
  8. No Problemo. Josh Jones has 2, but he also caught 4 more I believe over 10 lbs but not to the 13lb mark. You are right O H Ivie has been on fire this year. Down here we will get a run 1 year on Fork, another run on Choke Canyon, then 1 on Falcon, or Lake Austin, Rayburn, etc. One of our lakes always does really well each year for the Share A Lunker program.
  9. Thank you for the correction. 13 Share a Lunkers over 13lbs.
  10. Ya if sub species is a problem, then why has Texas - OH Ivie produced at least 3 Share a Lunkers, which is over 13 lb fish Black Bass, this year. They did do a DNA verification Because it is the Largest Smally/Largemouth cross that has ever been caught period. Texas Parks and Wildlife, test all Black bass and all fish that are certified. They also have an unbelievable restocking program for the state. What say you Missouri, what does your conservation department do with your money, when it comes to lake developments and restocking programs. Not nearly enough.
  11. https://www.wired2fish.com/record-fish/smallmouth-x-largemouth-hybrid-bass-certified-as-world-record-by-igfa/?fbclid=IwAR1nYFrC3bre8vn4XrwKQQ9T4HuNC_J3TWtZ-eJ_wQYQAJ_pC_ZIFt-hytY And they said they couldn't cross
  12. I am leaving for Truman Sunday, fishing Sunday thru Wednesday, coming home Thursday before all the crazy's come out. Any tips for Bass fishing. Will be staying at Starrett Creek. Thanks
  13. I sent you a email. Let me know if this pattern is still holding up.
  14. My Force will hold me on a dime also. Deploys and stores flawlessly. Super quite. Moves 19, Triton fully loaded at 4.1 mph. Follows it,s path excellent. Cannot complain at all love it.
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