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  1. Little fella was just hungry. He saw his chance, and he took it! Tried to take you down! Kind of reminds of of a "Broomtail" I had on my line on Maui...also known as a Scrawled Filefish. I didn't land mine, unfortunately. This is a picture I found online:
  2. Dang....seems like I've seen those before. Been a long time, though... Is it a Tish? Pish? Hmmmm....something like that. Maybe somebody else knows what it is? Sish? Opossum? Jackalope? Goggle-bream? 😬
  3. I saw, but didn't catch, Jaguar Guapote's in FL. Not sure if I saw a Midas Cichlid or not...they are around Miami area somewhere.
  4. Imagine Ozark Streams full of Longear Sunfish that big!!
  5. What a trip! Lots of great variety. Thanks for sharing it (and all the pictures!) with us! 😍
  6. I'd be thrilled catching 3 Redears that totalled that weight. Beautiful fish! Hard to imagine, even seeing it, what a sunfish that big would be like to catch.
  7. Are you SURE you aren't a robot?? 😅
  8. Maybe its a "fish size" issue. Others post pictures of big fish...they don't show up. I post pictures of little fish, they show up everywhere. 😁 I don't know if this is part of the issue, but folks may not be aware of the different ways you can post photos to forums like this. If you copy and paste a photo, that photo resides on the site, and is stored with it. Can you imagine how many pictures are on this forum? That's a big memory issue that can cause other issues to arise more frequently. The best way to help avoid this is for everyone to store their photos separately elsewhe
  9. Great! I appreciate confirmation....I never really saw black bass hybridization in Iowa, so these are new to me. Are you thinking Smallmouth / Spotted Bass hybrid? I've caught spotted bass, largemouth bass, and suspected hybrid black bass in this water, but I've yet to see or hear of any smallmouth in it. But who knows?
  10. Caught my new Fly Rod Personal Best Freshwater Drum. 25.5" And a few more nice drum: And a Goldeye that looks like it got chewed on a little: Glad to catch some fish....better than taking a goose-egg, right? About that...I did SEE one (a goose egg)...on a rock....under water...
  11. (FND18) Hybrid Black Bass (Micropterus mutticus): Lower flank stripes of a spotted bass, but brown, and no lateral line stripe. Not a smallmouth bass, smallies don't have those lower flank stripes. So...Hybrid.
  12. (FND17) Saugeye (walleye/sauger hybrid) (Sander sanderson) I've caught walleye and sauger from this spot, so I'm sure this is a naturally-produced hybrid....my first Saugeye on a fly rod!
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