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  1. Caught some more shortnose gar, one longnose gar (no picture), while flyfishing yesterday.
  2. Sister-in-law walked her dog to the dog park daily. It had played several times with a particular pit bull with no issues. But one day that pit bull tore her dog up. Her dog survived a year or so after an expensive vet visit. Gone now. A couple months ago, my friend's wife was visiting her parents. Sitting outside, they heard horrific dog sounds, and went to investigate. A large dog was calmly holding a small beagle in its jaws. She managed to wrestle the small dog away from the big dog, but suffered some deep bites to her forearm for her efforts. The smaller dog had lost a lot of blood. She called the dog owners repeatedly over the next month, trying to find out what happened. The owners ignored her calls for the longest time. She finally heard the small dog had died. No word on any consequences for the large dog, and no offers to help pay any medical bills incurred by my friend's wife.
  3. This koi looked pretty cool in the water...the top of his head and back glowed gold. Can't really see it in the picture. This is a different one, I did take a picture of its head:
  4. more of the grass carp from Wednesday...
  5. My buddy Jay caught the biggest Smallmouth of the trip when I visited Iowa a few weeks ago. 17.75".
  6. And don't clench down, or the doctor can't get her hand out.
  7. A couple weeks ago in NE Iowa we took a break from trout fishing. We were outside the car eating ham and cheese sandwiches. As I prepared to take my next bite, I looked at the sandwich, and right where my next bite would have been, a BEE had snuck in and was helping himself. I flicked it off and kept eating.
  8. Apparently I have a one bug limit. This morning I went to take a sip of my coffee and noticed a bug in it. I removed the bug and took a drink. I probably shouldn't admit that. The next time I reached for the coffee, I noticed another bug in it. I removed it and decided not to drink any more of it. 🤢🤮 Should the limit be "zero"? What's your limit, or do you even have one?
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