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  1. This happened on Norfork River yesterday. One person dead apparently. Boat drifted into some trees right above the handicap access. They were fishing the motor out of the river when I went by there.
  2. I live a mile away from Lock 2 at Bethesda and I’ve only fished here once in the year I’ve lived here. There are some big walleye that come out of the river here, but it’s been very high since I’ve been here.
  3. I’d be interested in going. I’ve got a 20’ Topwater. I can take a couple of people.
  4. I’d stick with carpet. Less chance of dumping one on the ramp.
  5. I will do that next time. Years ago they brought in some wardens from other areas of the state, hired guides, and ran a sting operation. Lots of citations written. Probably time for another one of those.
  6. Went to Norfork today. Caught some real nice fish, but saw people bait fishing in the C&R area and dragging a chain, which is illegal on the Norfork. I know the wardens work it because I’ve been checked there. I just wish they would write some tickets and make some examples.
  7. Might try below dam at Pendleton on Arkansas River.
  8. If it’s grennel (bowfin) you are after, the lower white river and it’s backwaters are full of the spinnerbait destroying fish.
  9. Looks like a nice trip. I tried up at Peebles Bluff a few weeks back and caught a lot of little smallmouth and lost a real nice one. I figured out that a jet boat really wasn’t ideal for that stretch of river, but I didn’t do too much damage.
  10. I take two 6 gallon tanks. I usually fish by myself so I’ve got plenty of room.
  11. May just launch at Two Rivers then. Eleven Point has been high and off colored this year. I’ve caught some good ones lately but it’s been pretty tough fishing. Any recommendations on boat friendly lodging up there?
  12. They must have stocked a ton of brookies lately, caught a lot of them. I’m pretty sure most of them end up as lunch for big browns. If we can keep the tiger trout from being kept, I think they will do well.
  13. Thinking about making a smallmouth trip to the Current River. I’ve got 40 hp jet river boat so I’m open to trying anywhere with good fishing. I fish the Eleven Point in AR a lot, so I have an idea of what to look for. I’ve thought about the Eminence area since I can fish Jacks Fork as well. I’m a teacher so I can go during the week for a little bit longer and avoid the mass of drunks.
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