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  1. Had fun day walleye fishing inspite of the wind. Had 15 keepers and 5 shorts total. Nothing big 18 1/2 biggest. Most 15 1/2 to 16. Bottom bouncing in 16 to 20 ft of water. Crawler harnesses.
  2. Oh man. Sorry I didn't get a chance to chat with you. It was a beautiful day.
  3. Great job. I got out today also. Pitching jig with a paddle tail. To the brush bouncing back to boat had several largemouth and spots. 2 whites and 2 walleye. Same water Temps. 53 to 56
  4. Nice beaver.... (shameless naked gun... line) glad you got out and enjoyed the day. Fishing will pick up.
  5. Great fish. Congrats to the Mrs.
  6. But bottom bouncing with harnesses or jig and crawler. Should work also. I have also heard trolling cranks has been working.
  7. Had a trip yesterday. We caught 24. 6 of them keepers. Using jigging raps. 14 to 22 ft. Moving around till you saw them on the graph. Usually on the bottom to just above. Drop down on them rip up let fall to bottom. Rip up again till one time you lift and there he is.
  8. Had a tough week last week had trips 3 days had 33 shorts and 9 keepers. Things turned off, keepers tough to come by.
  9. Cooler weather didn't completely shut Down the walleye. Don and Tisha got them a couple limits. 8 keepers and 12 shorts. 15 to 21 ft bottom bouncing
  10. 21 or 22 inches cant remember for sure.
  11. It is easy to have fun and catch fish with guys like you to. Always welcome in my boat. Thank you very much looking forward to next time.
  12. Great Job Mike. Yes lots if shorts. It seems like if you can get into a pod of bigger fish. They will bite but finding them is the thing. But it is fun catching the shorts as well. Congrats on the 20 inch green fish as well.
  13. Walleye fishing has really heated up over the last week. Went out on Wednesday at 7 keepers and 16 shorts in 16 to 18 foot of water bottom bouncing. Wet today had a 3-man limit with 22 shorts same deal. Thank you Joe and Ed for hopping in the boat with me. And those two really put the smack down on some walleye. If you have been holding off till the walleye bite got good give me a holler it's time to go.
  14. Yes snagged one the other day and the this what I would have guessed them to be 1 1/2 inches
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