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  1. Na just something I read on the Mo fishing app
  2. 4 bass less than 12 inches each trip
  3. Nice. I saw online that MDC encourages people to harvest a few dink bass each visit.
  4. Right. All part of the fun
  5. Keep us updated. Was thinking about taking off tomorrow and heading down there.
  6. Hey thanks for the reply. Guessing you caught Largemouth and/or Bluegill?
  7. Does anybody fish Austin Lake? MDC Fishery Located north of Highway 60 on MM northwest of Cabool and east of Mountain Grove in Texas County.
  8. I don’t blame you. Did you happen to throw any swim baits or Ned rig either of those days?
  9. Have you fished Cape Fair since then? Might be down there Friday fishing the cove behind my uncles cabin on Meltons peninsula.
  10. When I left at 430, people were catching them from the bank at 215 bridge
  11. Nice job. I caught several in the s curves. Couple females. Only kept about 7 because I’m lazy.
  12. Didn’t see any reports in the James forum. Seems like in past years people will openly report on this. Must be really good this year!
  13. Not sure either. Haven’t fished the area enough to know. I’ve launched at one of the bridges in the past. Not sure if it was Taylor or Aldrich. Thinking about going this afternoon. Any updates?
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