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  1. Let us know so we can come look through your stuff.
  2. It happens every couple years around the Springfield area, always for the same reasons. Those small towns pay so poorly that they are either stepping stones to larger departments or people leave to make more in another field. The article implies it has to do with protests and defunding, but if you read the local stories about it, it's mostly just about pay and poor working conditions. https://www.ky3.com/2021/09/08/kimberling-city-police-department-chief-all-his-officers-announce-resignations/
  3. I feel like MDC does something with that. Email Greg Collier Greg.Collier@mdc.mo.gov. He's an outdoor kills specialist and does archery training and hunter safety among other things.
  4. You're absolutely right. Good journalism would get the perspective of the boaters on the boat, analysis from Water Patrol, and witnesses from the shore. Then they'll follow up on the next day or later in the week. But, TV especially, only gets 1 perspective. Watch local TV news in any market across the country and almost every story will be a 1 source story, which is lazy and not what they were taught in J school. Print journalism does a much better job because they aren't limited by the time constraints of a 23 minute newscast.
  5. Agree so much. TV has very little journalism anymore. It's mostly commentary and pundits. It started just with the evening, prime-time talent, but it's all day now. The sad thing is that most people don't know the difference between the two, so actual journalism gets lumped into commentary and vice versa.
  6. Then they'll make you sign for a $6 order, so add another couple of days.
  7. I hate getting things via FedEx. I'd take USPS or UPS 8 days a week.
  8. I find myself doing to "click and pull" or ship to store at BP but their often out of things, even online. I've been getting stuff from Discount Tackle. The run sales a lot and I can get the sizes and colors on the Zman Ned heads and baits. It's the only place that I can find Zman finesse worms.
  9. @WWM where can we watch it? Apparently I don't get FSN2 on my package.
  10. What is early in the world of a guide? So, water off: worm/float; water on: worm/drift rig? You're detailed reports are priceless.
  11. I assume that because you keep complaining on any thread you can and not talking about taking any action. If you've cleared the cookies and you're still getting the incest/S&M ads, then it's definitely because everyone here hates you and is out to get you.
  12. Yeah, your cookies are jacked up. For like the 10th time, clear them and see what happens.
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