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  1. This is not your average box of flies. Probably over $1,000 worth. If you can identify it, I'll return it the next time I'm down, or mail it to you.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I would if it were a $300 Walmart Kayak, but not a $2000 Jackson Mayfly. I did find a dock that will allow me to leave it while I get a ride back up.
  3. Does anyone know of a dock that allows a kayaker to dock their kayak for 30 minutes or so while I get a ride back up to my truck at the hatchery, then come back and pick it up? I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee.
  4. It runs down the hillside from a house, into the lake, forms a square area about 12' x 12', then runs back up the hill. It's not under water when there is no generation, but 1 unit would put it under water.
  5. If so, then why didn't this happen in 2008 and 2011, when we hit 933 and 935 on Table Rock?
  6. I would be looking at a 5wt. Axiom, which is only 1 oz. heavier than the 5wt. BVK, and .2 oz. heavier than the Lefty Kreh TiCr X Series. Phil might have swayed me to the Lefty TiCr X series though, which he uses. It seems to have more 'Lifting', which I would assume translates to backbone than the other 2 models. The BVK doesn't have much 'Lifting' at all, according to the chart on their website. Anyone that uses the BVK series: Does it seem light in regards to backbone? I'm partial to the TFO's right now because I have an opportunity to pick them up at 1/2 price. ;-)
  7. Phil, I notice you're using a Temple Fork Outfitters fly rod in the video. The blue color of the rod looks like an Axiom series? If so, what weight are you using? How do you like it compared to the BVK series? Edit: I looked at the video again and can see the Lef on the rod. A Lefty Kreh TiCr X Series? Have you tossed a BVK series? If so, how do they compare? Do you use the Lefty rod with a float and jig as well?
  8. I'm looking at purchasing a couple of TFO Fly Rods. I've settled on the Axiom and BVK series, or just the BVK series. I mainly fish Taneycomo for trout, but would like to expand/have the ability, to fish other lakes for different species as well. I definitely want a BVK 5 wt. 9' for the first rod. I'm considering an Axiom series 5 or 6 wt. for the second rod, thinking that it could be used for windy days, and perhaps some lake fishing for other species besides trout. The 6 wt. is quite a bit heavier than a comparable BVK series. My question for those with experience with these rods is this: Does the BVK have just as much casting power for distance as the Axiom at a lighter weight? The Axiom is rated to be more of a distance rod, with the BVK more of a presentation rod with good casting distance as well. It also appears that the Axiom is an older design, and the BVK being a new, or redesign with lighter materials. I appreciate any info, opinions and firsthand experience you guys and gals can provide. I will also be purchasing a couple of spinning rods as well, so any info on them would be appreciated. I use them for anything from Taneycomo drift and jig fishing, to crappie and walleye (drop shotting, trolling and rapalas).
  9. How bout a cab? Put yourself in at the dam, float to the landing, dock your pontoon at Bass Pro, then take a cab back up to get your vehicle.
  10. We drifted them back in Oct. of 2009 when they had 10 flood gates open. 16-18 inchers all day long in the trophy area.
  11. I saved it as an image file and put it with my Taneycomo trip pixs. I posted it as a topic today (2008 & 2011 Flood Levels Snapshot), so it should be archived on this site now.
  12. So their dock didn't just break away, it was actually destroyed? I guess I'll be drift rigging off of your dock during generation this trip (the weekend AFTER Labor Day weekend). Kidding aside, I always stop in and ask before doing so.
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