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  1. As you look out from the ramp in the picture, to your left is the deep water channel. To your 1 oclock to 3 oclock is a large bumpy flat that extends all the way to the same river channel along the far bluff. Fish are somewhere on the flat at all times. They relate to the underwater humps. At times they will school and chop shad over that flat.

    From the ramp at 12 oclock is the ledge from the flat to the channel. Before the lake was impounded someone built a rock wall or maybe a road bed down that edge. You can see it on side image sonar. That hump on the edge is productive when the fish have gone deep for the summer.

    From the ramp at about 1:30, on the far side, you can see the mouth of a small cove. In the spring, the bass use it to spawn. Later in the spring, early morning, fish the timber at the back with top water or buzz bait.

    To your 9 oclock, on the other side you will see a point. That point extends quite a ways out and about 200 feet from the point a hump rises to only a few feet deep. When the lake is down, it is a navigation hazard. Fish the hump and the edges for bass and walleye.

    From the ramp to your 11 oclock lies another cove, Raridan Branch. Go past the first boat house on the left and fish a jig or a ned between the boathouses for three or four houses.

    When you go upriver from the point on your left, the channel u turns to the left. From there, fish the northern turning to western side up past the boat house. I have caught good fish in every location described.

    BTW, a gentleman launches his older brown Ranger from that same ramp very often. He is an Ozark Anglers member, knows that part of the lake really well, and is friendly. Say hello. If I remember correctly, his name is Jack.

    Good Luck.

    1. MObassin95


      Gosh, I don't know how to thank you!

  2. rps


    May I invite you to join me in my new boat on Table Rock or on Beaver. I supply the boat, the bait, and the gas and you teach/help me set up my HDS10 so I don't go crazy. Any day after the 4th works for me, but I know you work summers so I will let you pick. I will even show you a couple non-community holes for walleye.

  3. I have a 2010 Alumacraft Navigator 165 with a tiller Evinrude 75 Hp. I equipped it with a Titan Tiller steer hydraulic control. On the bow I have a 80 pound Minnkota 24v Terrova. The trailer is an EZ loader. The remaining sonar is a Minnkota 898 si. Old batteries that need relpacing, in need of a detailing.  A few cosmetic scratches fro fishing in the trees. In other words, a great fishing boat in need of love and reasonably priced at 12 K.

    1. kjackson


      Sigh...wish I was ready to move on it now.  I'm still a couple of months out at least. However, that is a great combo and good price.  I'll have to think a bit. Biggest problem right now is the house in Eureka hasn't sold. Buy the house and I'll give you cash and a couple of Loomis rods, tons of crankbaits and cash right now!

      If your boat doesn't sell fast (unlikely), I'll be after it when the house sells.

      Good luck.

  4. New format interesting. However its only shortcut is "unread" content and of course that list is six miles long. Can you tell me how to set preferences for "new" content to those receiving posts since my last visit?


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      Phil Lilley

      See where it says - 


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    3. Phil Lilley

      Phil Lilley

      It's working for me now.

      It's interesting...

    4. rps


      I am trying the steps I just posted.


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