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  1. 16 hours ago, bfishn said:

    Tie on a Spoonplug and power troll. Sooner or later you'll find some locational patterns, then you can work 'em over. Best way to whip new water.

    Wow. A spoonplug.

    I haven't heard or read about those in many years. Fishing Facts often featured Buck Perry. Thanks for the memory.

  2. I caught one heavy fish. A drum. No picture.

    I caught a small but nice smallmouth around 12 inches. I had a small largemouth on for about 10 seconds. That was it before the wind came up.

    My positive take? In the last few trips I have caught smallmouth and a walleye. I must be in Minnesota.

    The negative take? I have not figured out how to take advantage of that. Do you suppose I need to buy some Daredevil spoons?

  3. 2 hours ago, Mitch f said:

    Semi survey:

    When you order a steak at a restaurant, what is your default “doneness”? 
    it seems to me that most waiters want to steer you toward medium rare. It’s like your macho choice. I almost feel guilty sometimes to order medium or medium plus. I love the taste of the char on the outside. Perhaps that’s why I prefer a thinner steak. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy beef carpaccio which is completely raw, but I have to taste the char on traditional steak cuts.

    Fussy and equipment dependent, but I rarely (no pun intended) eat steak out.

    When I do, I say medium rare, but that has a huge range, especially from one cook to the next.

    At home, I sous vide to 124.5, and then I sear both sides on a smoking hot flat top or a 500+ charcoal egg. Dark pink middle with a nearly black/brown exterior.

  4. 2 hours ago, Quillback said:

    I don't often cook, but when I do it is either grilled, fried, or in the slow cooker.

    Today I am making "Kielbasa Surprise".  

    Kielbasa sliced

    Chopped up a couple of cheese/jalapeno sausages too


    Little red potatoes

    chopped onion

    Put it all in the slow cooker, cover with chicken broth and cook on low until done.

    I am hoping for the best.

    Good ingredients, slow braised - what's not to like?

  5. 43 minutes ago, vernon said:

    I shall recuse myself from discussing forthcoming weather (you can thank Mixer, Snagged and others) but as for the water we’ve been at Indian Point since last Friday and have run as far upstream as Baxter without incident and the water is quite clear. 

    Bring the boat I say. It is a trip to the lake after all!


    No one trusts Vernon. Period. Full stop.

    Bring the boat. If you do not, you will always wonder.

    One of the best trips I ever made was the one where we went to Broken Bow Lake on Spring Break and it snowed. I never went out, and the wife and I played high stakes gin rummy.


  6. On 5/4/2021 at 2:53 PM, Mr. Smallfish said:

    Try Rodbuilding.org.  There are some pretty knowlegable guys on there, or at least some that sound like they are.

    I've been a lurker on there for over a decade. That board is one of the reasons my last 10 rods are spiral wrapped and have micro guides. Good advice.

  7. 3 hours ago, Rwh46 said:

    I'm posting this report on both Upper and Lower because many people from both Forums helped me out. Our club had a great tournament as a result

    First off I apologize for the tardiness of this report. I hate it when someone asks for help, says they'll give a report afterwords and then never gets heard from again. that's NOT ME, but some unforeseen circumstances kept me from getting this report out in a timely manner.  A great number of people contributed to this thread and it really paid dividends for our bass club's 1st tournament on Bull Shoalls.

    We fished April 23-25th with 2 days prefishing and  1 1/2 days of tournament. Our takeoff point was Lakewood Resort in Little Buck Creek near the 30 mile marker. A GREAT place to stay with good rates and extremely helpful owners (Mike & Sarah).

    Now before the fishing details, my "unforeseen" circumstances. I got home and needed to have my boat cover repaired from a tear I put in it on the way down. Carrying it down a narrow set of stairs where I couldn't see my feet, to the sewing machine was not a good idea. I slipped 4 steps from the bottom and went down hard. 5 hours in ER, followed by appointment with Orthopedic surgeon a day later and surgery 2 days after that was the results. I tore my quadreceptic tendon off my knee cap. I'm just know mobile enuf to get down an other set of stairs to my computer. Yeah I'm out of boat fishing for a few weeks (probably 6-8). Good thing I had fun at Bull to keep me going til then

    We had 10 boats fishing and everyone that could figure out how to fish thru or around the bushes caught fish. 

    The lake was 4.5'to 5' high with temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. There was current most days but the lake really didn't fall much

    On Thursday and  Friday I fished Trimble, Shoal, 3 & 5 Fingers, Seed Tick, Buck and Little Buck. I started as far back as I could go and worked my way out with shakeyhead, jig, chatterbait and an A-Rig. Although there were some smaller fish in the very back most quality keepers came from secondary points halfway out of the pocket.  My biggest 18 1/2" was on the A-Rig. (I hate that bait). I caught keeper fish in all coves except 3 fingers and Little Buck.

    Saturday I caught my 1st 3 keepers in Seed Tick on shakey head senkos and got my limit from Buck Creek. I culled up the rest of the day but the rain and wind certainly curtailed the good bite from Friday. The weighin was good with 4 limits, 35 keepers and 70 lbs. No one tells you what they were doing after the 1st day.

    Sunday the FOG rolled in and it was not safe to launch at our planned time (7:00am), we finally let everyone "Trolling motor only" launch at 8:30. We fished for 2 hours and called it a day. Long trip back to St. Louis for everyone. The weighin still wasn't that bad. 1 limit, 20 keepers and another 33lbs. 

    First place was shakeyheads and tubes on mainlake points, Second was weedless wacky rigged senkos on secondary points and third palce was shakeyhead magnum trick worms on secondary points and banks.

    No one fished farther away than East Sugarloaf going up the river and Big Creek going the other way.

    For our first time on the lake I'd say we did "OK" nothing great but everyone caught fish, the accomodations were great and it's a real pleasure to fish where there isn't 5 other boats in the same cove with you, and you don't have to flip docks all day.

    Bad news for you who live there is "We'll be back" but probably only once a year for now. When everyone in the club is retired it might be a different story though.

    Again, my apology for the lateness of this report, and I sincerely want to thank everyone who contributed to make our 1st trip a good one 

    Thank you for the report. I am tickled everyone had a good time until they got home. Heal fast!


  8. 16 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

    By "Top water" I'm not sure what you're tossing.   

    I fish WTD baits and poppers on my 6' jerkbait rod, Buzzbaits on my high speed 6'6" spinnerbait rod,  WhopperPloppers and Frogs on a 7' heavy jig pitching rig.  

    Wrench, I think you have put your finger on it. Top water does not mean everything on one rod. Different baits mean different rods. I went astray.

  9. 51 minutes ago, Al Agnew said:

    I'll go ahead a paste my reply from your original post in the wrong place, just to further the discussion...Personally, I like my topwater rods to be shorter than my other rods.  My canoe rod is 5'3" medium power, just a typical fast action.  My jetboat rod is 6 ft. medium power as well.  I just like the way the shorter rods work in using walk the dog topwaters.  Others' mileage may vary.  But from the canoe, the shorter rod really does make a difference in how easy it is to walk those lures; the shorter rod means a better rod angle with tip down, while sitting in the canoe.

    The rod you made sounds like it might work well as a crankbait rod.

    Thank you for carrying over to this post. Your opinion is valuable.

  10. Great input folks. Your insight has lead me to a decision. I will continue to use the rod I built for the heavier baits, such as larger spooks, whopper ploppers and the surge shad. The moderate action loads well with the heavier baits.

    I will unretire the rod I used for my beloved Top Dollars, spook juniors, and chug bugs. It is a 6' medium power, fast action, built on a St. Croix SCIII that I bought deeply discounted. It has nothing wrong with it and I only retired it because I wanted to make a new rod during lock down. Of course that leaves me using the non tubed side box and a reel short until my Revo MGX returns from its rebuild. (Different thread)

    On the topic of lines, mix, I know your pain. The professional over run problem has caused me to go back to 6# Yozuri for the Ned. I will load the light top water with 10# Yozuri, but I may keep the braid for the heavier top water baits. Heavier baits don't seem to cause as much problem since their weight seems to match the speed of the spool better. Jig rods will stay with the braid as well.

    Again, thanks for your input.



  11. 5 hours ago, BilletHead said:

    The hunter gatherer lifestyle and today's meal. 


       We tagged a couple jakes this morning. Nice and tender. After cleaning we hit the road checking favorite wild asparagus patches. 


     Then dinner. 


    Now that makes my mouth water.

  12. Went back up to the lake today to verify everything was charging properly. Today it was overcast and mild, so I took the boat out to fish. Within an hour the wake boat crowd showed up and the wind picked up. I lasted only two hours on the lake.

    I did, at least, pickup one smallmouth. Right at a tail pinch 15 inches.



  13. 4 hours ago, kjackson said:

    You might check with Berkley-- it's been a while, maybe 20 years, but on a tour of the Berkley facility in Spirit Lake I got to talk to the reel repair guy. He asked me what my fave reel was. I told him an old direct-drive, 5000-size Abu that had been long discontinued. A short while later, he gave me one that he'd put together from parts.  If that department is still in operation, you might get lucky. If not, the company might be able to direct you to whoever is doing repairs for the company now.

    Direct drive reels. Wow, that brings back memories.

    My first reel of my own was a Shakespeare President from the 50's. I loved it, of course. Sixty years have seen remarkable changes in fishing equipment.

  14. In 2011 the Revo MGX won the Icast award for the best fresh water reel. I bought one and put it on my top water rod. It served there for years and brought in one 8+ pound largemouth and at least two others over 6. About three years ago, I switched it to my Ned rod. It badly needs work.


    Besides the corrosion, it chatters on the cast.

    Were I to replace it, Tacklewarehouse wants $369.95. A Steez would be the most comparable, but that means $550 to $650.

    My plan is to put it with a pro and have it cleaned, upgraded, tuned, and lubed. I don't need it tomorrow, just sometime before the fall.

    That leads to the question. Provide recommendations on "the guy" or "the gal" to make this reel the best it can be.


  15. Last year, while sheltering at home, I made a new topwater rod. Per the recommendation of a well known pro on the Mudhole site, I used a particular rod blank.For me, and the way I fish topwater baits, the rod causes more trouble than it should.

    The action is too soft and too slow. That causes a lob cast or creates back lashes on casts that are not lobs. It feels as if it were one of my walleye rods. It will, therefore, become my new walleye rod.

    Those of you who make rods , or pay attention to action and power, what blank with what characteristics should I use to tie a new one?

    BTW, 99% of my topwater baits are light, and I do not often throw a whopper plopper.

    I look forward to this discusion.

  16. Fished with the new reel today. It took me a while to figure out how to dial it in.

    Smooth as silk and casts a 3/16 jig head Ned well. I think that will improve as I learn how to set the controls.

    When the Revo MGX comes back (I started a new thread about that.) I will keep the new reel in my line up. I just don't know on what rod yet.

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