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  1. I’ve known people under bid him and still lose the contract. He is like so many in this area you just don’t bring problems to them because they know better than you. I was visiting with the Sheriff before he was elected. I was told not to speak with him because he wasn’t one of us. I’ve been known to be outspoken. One time I told MDC Agent about harassing me out Camping. He was honest he told me people catch the wind right they would step back in the brush and cook Meth. MDC has let me slide on things. One time I was cutting Firewood in the wrong area, cut me a road back there. They stopped and looked and didn’t say a word until next Spring. oneshot
  2. I’m thinking the same on the whole dang place. Why couldn’t they have done something heavier and better at the Wooden Bridge? Thing is it is a State Park take care of it for the people of Missouri. oneshot
  3. They said it was leaking. Now they are taking it out. That was another thing they brought up at the meeting. They was going to do away with the Bridge and Pool. They quit Hillbilly Days down there because Dallas County was wanting money but Jim’s wife didn’t like Renaissance because the Guys were showing too much skin. Speaking of Jim how does he get underbidded and still get it? oneshot
  4. I might go. This can’t keep going the way it is. oneshot
  5. oneshot

    Why Not!

    No then he seen how I was doing and let me have it. She found today it was better to open the door for me. Tomorrow she is going to have to clean me up and shave me. Been trying to eat left handed would help if I was left handed. Who am I kidding just glad I’m not a Horse. oneshot
  6. Went by the river it is up some but bunch floating. oneshot
  7. oneshot

    Why Not!

    Well she is getting me a Lift Chair. Took me around today had to open the door for me. She fought a Guy at Walmart over a Cart because he was just wanting to ride it around. oneshot
  8. I don’t fish in the park but did enjoy it. What is the deal we did without fish because they were building State of the Art Hatchery. Like wrench said closed up growing weeds around it. Went to a meeting on the Wooden Bridge. They was going to get rid of it. We convinced them it was needed. They said fine we will build better. All said and done they built the same Bridge and did basically away with using it. Now they are doing away with the Swimming Pool. Like I say I don’t fish the park but like what it has to offer the area. I just feel they are letting it go downhill for no reason and wondering where complaints go to make changes? oneshot
  9. Made a trip to Forsyth yesterday. Pretty neat in the rain. Didn’t fish any but hills looked cool with fog coming off them. oneshot
  10. I knew a woman that had hundreds of cats because of strays. Knew another woman that actually went to the Pound got Cats. Ruined a New Double Wide and her husband left her mainly because of the cats. oneshot
  11. oneshot

    Why Not!

    She thought I was the most exciting person she had ever met. oneshot
  12. oneshot

    Why Not!

    Well kid is home. Poor guy has to continue wearing the Cone. Me I have to have my wife dress me and help me get up. I got to see Doctor next week. Hope he don’t want MRI. oneshot
  13. She was eating fish cleanings? Should have put in for permit. Use to be bunch of Otters down there but they took care of that problem. oneshot
  14. I had a guy talking with me on CB scared to go eat with me because he thought I was Black. I lived pretty close to insight. It was after we got Electricity and Phone. I had a Computer built for $1,500. Couldn’t use the Phone Server because we was on Party Line. oneshot
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