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  1. LSK in town has some nice ones. Drool going by there. Bought one off them then sold it. Could kick myself. oneshot
  2. oneshot


    Yes no matter what they say. oneshot
  3. oneshot


    To me Florida was the worst. Had a good time with the Cubans. Use to hang out in Texas along the border. Some days I would wake up wondering which side of the river I was on. oneshot
  4. Of course a Fall Garden can Improve a Home. oneshot
  5. My Gardening is not good right now but I got an app with Fall Gardening Dates. From the looks of it can plant most anything you can now. Im thinking only downside is it takes lots of water. oneshot
  6. Is it just BS but I heard people are having hard time getting Boats? I hated last Summer in past go places during the week it was mostly just you. Last Summer it was a 7 day weekend every day. oneshot
  7. oneshot


    I know but I use to do the Bar thing. Had some friends up there scared to go out. Told hey put some good clothes on let the chips fall where they do . Went on to tell them these women are different than your cousin they just an’t as open, so be slow be cool if they say see you later. We went out had a great time. Was in Chicago. Went to take my clothes and was them. Friend asked if I wanted him to go with me? Told him no I hadn’t kicked City Boy butt in a long time. Laundry was closed so I went to a Bar. Guy up there in Ohio told me if I couldn’t pick up a woman in this bar
  8. oneshot


    Got in a fight one time in New York City because guy didn’t like my accent. That was the only trouble I really had. Got along with people everywhere. oneshot
  9. oneshot


    We use to go to get togethers with people on the internet and I would go hunting with some. I hate the mountains and California but kind of like North Carolina. Lived in Louisiana liked it but had family there in the South part of the state. My mobility and stuff keep me from enjoying stuff I use to. Use to go hunting every year in North Arkansas but hills are just too much. Was wanting to Pheasant Hunt with my Muzzleloader but it is too hard with one arm. To me Maple Syrup and Lobster isn’t all that. I use to go to Bars in North East and get Shrimp and stuff. Different yes
  10. Last Fall we priced some Metal. $1,500. Wife says we can handle that. Finally today went ordered it. $2,600. oneshot
  11. Democrats put it there. Lets not get political this is Phil’s home. oneshot
  12. Shingles Vaccine. I had it now they say that one wasn’t any good. Seen a lot of people die just piddling around the house. Bet not one of them was thinking about dying. oneshot
  13. See what I know. Chainsaw has a way of making sunny. LOL oneshot
  14. Yes my wife had a Tracker she liked. I drove it once in snow I was very surprised. At the same time she had a little Ranger Pickup I hated. I had a CJ5 it was just fun. oneshot
  15. I’m bad about using one for hauling stuff so it gets used year round. My Son says I need a Side by Side. I’m thinking for the price of a Side by Side get a good little Jeep. My problem now is the 4 inches. I had places I just barely had room for 42 inch so 46 won’t work so have to use Push Mower. oneshot
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