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  1. Three head shots. Son came by while I was cleaning three guess he figured I had it because he didn’t offer. oneshot
  2. So things must die around the house. Sorry forgot pics. Killed three Greys two head shots. Pretty good with one arm. One of them has been in my attic. oneshot
  3. Hang them high Animal House Every Which Way But Lose River Runs Through Where The Red Fern Grows oneshot
  4. Happy Birthday Ness. oneshot
  5. Don’t know they loaded it with it looked like a Hockey Puck wrapped in Aluminum Foil. Half pound of powder. If they had put Lead in it I would have taken out Truman Dam. oneshot
  6. This is a gun. Went to Heritage Days at Warsaw got to fire a Cannon. oneshot
  7. Actually she was talking about a woman that got a ride couple times by one of those guys. Back when I was 39 had an 18 year old woman hanging out with me. Dummer than a bag of rocks. oneshot
  8. I fell between the Tub and Toilet. My wife was talking about putting me in Nursing Home. Then she was talking about having someone come take care of me. I said alright cute 40 year old. Then she says no this person or this person 🤮 oneshot
  9. Last Big Snow I seen we lived in the mountains and had couple hundred inches. It was interesting. oneshot
  10. Supposed to have two people unloading. That how I found out went over there to unload the truck and it was already unloaded. One time had 16 and 17 year olds working for me. Had to watch the number of hours they worked and they couldn’t run Sewing Machine to sew bags shut. Heck I was milking Cows and running Tractor when I was 13. oneshot
  11. What I did was time after they got Vaccinated making sure they didn’t have a reaction. My main job is to make sure Trucks and Trailers are ready to go. Pick up and Deliver stuff. Work Security and make sure things get done safely. Funny first one I gave a chewing was a Boss because he unloaded a Truck by himself. oneshot
  12. These are Airbnb different. Most time it is just a place to stay. We put in for whole house for 5. Got Beds , Kitchen with Cooking stuff, TV, WiFi and Washer and Dryer. I use them for a place to sleep and shower which worked good. You can customize it like you want. We had one place turn us down because we had our Granddaughter. But you can get places that welcome kids, pets. We are going on an overnight trip later on and have a house . oneshot
  13. Got to go in today and help with Vaccine thing is several places are giving them today. So probably only have about 50 people. oneshot
  14. Sorry about the house and glad their safe. Around here it is no longer Meth it is Fentanyl. I had a person come to me years ago wanting me to burn a house down because they didn’t like the people. I turned them down but couple weeks later I could see it burning from my place. I have Smoke Detectors and my wife isn’t happy because they are so sensitive but like I told her I like it giving us warning way early. oneshot
  15. Well this is more like it get Mom. We was allowed in there because we are family. oneshot
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