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  1. That is a great way to start out a week!! Nice looking fish and thanks for the detailed report! C4F
  2. I am in - let me know what to bring...as long as it is not great fishing skills! C4F
  3. Well that would be a good thing! You two have missed way to many OAF events!! C4F
  4. This was a fun year for sure....congrats to all of the winners! I am not sure how you guys picked the constant winners like you did....maybe you can look into the future some? Is there a YouTube tutorial in the works as to how the average frank fisherman can pick better? I look forward to next year and thanks Brett for taking your time to organize it! p.s. will we all be getting a participation trophy? I am sure it will help us feel better about our losses. C4F
  5. Quill and crew - I am in for a tourney! 3 fish or 1 works for me. I agree about the entry fee going to CAM, or any other ministry that has a need, but we could also bring fishing gear to donate in Bo's name to the school...someone should reach out and see what the needs are so we are not donating that Bill Dance eel lure that I am sure we (me) bought into. 🙄 C4F
  6. In September of 2019 I went to Bo's house at his invitation to buy a few jigs....four hours later after great conversation, cool stories and philosophy about life and fishing I left with much MUCH more tackle than I had intended. He was telling me how it all started for him and the thoughts behind the various designs that he was selling and opinions on the competition etc. I was wishing that I had taken notes! It was a great time and I believe that I was blessed just to share in the conversation....yes, he will truly be missed but he sure touched a lot of people with his thoughts and jigs! Prayers for his family C4F
  7. Great report and pictures Bill - thanks.....I am living vicariously through these as I sit at a desk!! C4F
  8. I have Palaniuk also....But Bill Lowen might be one that sneaks in. I almost choose Kennedy in my fantasy roster but thought nah! C4F
  9. Techno - thanks for the report even though you were fighting the traffic it sounds like you figured them out - I have not had much trouble with gar but then again my catch rate on bass is at it's normal level....poor. I can tell you that no matter the lake(s) I have been to there are some very selfish folks out....or maybe just not aware?? And the day of the week doesn't matter... I have to remember to use the term "had a dickens of a time" next time I get frustrated!! 😉 C4F
  10. Well - I would have never thought that Caleb Kuphall would be leading....I dont think that I would have ever picked him....I think that my Fantasy Fishing indicator will move to the yellow pretty quickly!!! C4F
  11. Vernon - with all the grief that you bring about being blamed for the weather I just assumed that you were being sponsored by the Weather Channel.....you know, the guy that creates hell and havoc so Jim Cantore has a place to go each week 🙄 Do you have a jersey or at least a patch!? C4F
  12. What a great report! Thanks for the details and pictures. That is the one thing that makes this a great forum, the sharing of information and the opportunity to live vicariously through each angler for those of us that cant get down there. And I figure anytime a person or couple can spend a couple of weeks on the Rock they are living life right! Thanks for sharing! C4F
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