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  1. It is bowfisherman global warming isn’t a hoax, we have been warming since the end of the last ice age about 12k years ago...paleo weather is a interest of mine. Been studying it that last 10 years or so...,but man caused global warming is the big question.... 8000 years ago we were warm than today sea level was higher it’s called the Holocene optimum or today now called Holocene thermal maxim ( politics). It would do to call it optimum....no farting cows or carbon belching Buick’s or coal fired power plants... it seems Viking settlers could survive early settlements in Greenlan
  2. Temps have been cyclical late 70s early 80s. 1st few years of Stockton impounded and start of fishing was marked by very cold winters followed by drought and short scorching summers, back then the lake had pike...water was much more fertile....less fishing pressure for certain, late 2000s winters were very mild summers brutally hot....now is gone the other way last year we set a record for sub 90 days don’t think we hit 100 much if any, normally last week of June to 1st 2 weeks of aug I stayed of the lakes and fished streams hotter the better...spooks and small white buzz baits....lakes were a
  3. I regularly caught 3-4 smallies on Stockton mostly point 6 to the dam area
  4. I’d like to see strict regs on smallmouths, possibly a supplementary stocking of them, yellow perch would be a great add food for preds and another fish for the meat crowd. seems more LMB these days but less smallies...the 12” reg on spotted bass should help both walleyes and smallies catfish are under utilized imho, usually catch some dandys while carping...speaking of which those have been running a bit bigger, perhaps the BFers pressure allow some to get a bit larger, but you just don’t see the fish in the 20-30 class like elsewhere...the Osage River has some interesting fish that
  5. True, but have seen folks turning the better eyes loose, backs in the day that never happened
  6. https://blog.nature.org/science/2020/10/21/an-overlooked-threat-to-freshwater-fisheries-bowfishing/
  7. They used to shock fish off the dam at Stockton. Unsure if they still do it or not. But one thing is for certain the big monsters don’t show up...worthy of a study,
  8. Stockton is a great place but I wish the fish ran bigger...I wish a greater effort to stock the native river strain and a more progressive length and bag limits fish def run smaller than in the late 80s and early 90s... the fish seem Emaciated...unsure why, perhaps burning up more energy than they get eating just shad , bluegills, yellow perch etc would help...could be the pressure, people have the skills to catch walleyes more today, spot lock, better electronics...other states have slot limits perhaps the time has come for that on Stockton... haven’t seen a huge fish in
  9. LOZ 2.0 and the popular wake boats...look at it this way it will run fisherman off the lake and reduce harvest🙄 bad water quality, too many fishing, and wakes the make it uncomfortable at best, dangerous at worst
  10. In a nutshell prime driving school, say on the road make bank in 2 years you are golden
  11. MoCarp

    Dog dump

  12. Tear out the dam send everone back to Europe?
  13. A quick scan around FB will show a great deal of people have no problem putting a knife in a 5# bass.....
  14. You have a point it can be argued the person who kills his limit does less stress to fish than the c and r angler who catches 100
  15. Troy works on his pops about carp fishing...
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