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  1. Just don’t f-up in Alabama! They don’t cotton to St. Louis folk
  2. Big old browns Cruse around after dark slurping up those floating calories, probably a 50 out there
  3. Because of the pandemic we will see holes in the supply chains, demand drives price, always has. Ammo is a good example, did you ever think .22 LR would be over 50 bucks for a few hundred rounds?….we are still experiencing labor shortages, for a number of reasons….as more supply gets into the system prices will drop.
  4. Got breach birth poops? Well try cow patties!
  5. They should loose up that casino money and buy it…..also it’s my understanding if you loose a war your Heritage means nothing if it offends anyone
  6. I was born and raised fishing the gulf, if you fish there eventually you get to experience rough seas…to say it’s terrifying is and understatement… I share a YouTube fishing channel I follow, jump ahead to 22:30…..
  7. Isn’t that a national scenic river?…unsure if jets are even legal there
  8. Some of those big Eddy artifacts are incredible, last I heard was they had be working even deeper and finding pre Clovis items ( controversial ATM) to think humans have occupied that area for what looks like now at least 20,000 years!……it’s cool you got to be involved… what is your opinion of those pay to dig sites in Texas or anywhere for that matter?
  9. Fish points or aquatic mammals points I have seen have been bone….many so-called arrowheads are hafted knifes….and ancient many in our area are over 8000 years old! the skill to create points/tools was something learned over time, I can imagine someone during the long bitter winters of the ice age huddled in their shelter working on them. I try and keep up with the science of paleo archaeology….we have some really interesting sites in our area…the Big Eddy site downstream from Stockton dam is an interesting one….I haven’t artifact hunted since the decline of my mobility but had a spot or to in jasper county that produced daltons regularly and a Clovis or two…..I had a female acquaintance that jacked a substantial collection I accumulated over my years afield…save a full grooved ax I have nothing, I had a tool made from mammoth ivory, some agate tools….those people picked out some wonderful materials to create with….so much more on this fascinating subject. this would be a great subject to have it own forum
  10. Way more goes on than people realize in conservation departments….it’s not all about busting poachers, and sitting around in trucks writing on a tablet…lots of good work gets done no one ever sees or will get to see…and it’s not a job people take for the money ether… #laboroflove #respect #keepupthe goodworks
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