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  1. Nah it’s political and a forum no no
  2. Turn on the news, get all you want
  3. Normally those are tough….almost looks like a extremely harsh herbicide was used on it
  4. This was in the early 90s my wife’s uncle was Circuit Court clerk back then….pretty reliable source.. heck that was before windows 95 or a sniff of what we call the internet
  5. I was told that the county commissioners got pissed with newly Americans fishing the way they were used to, keeping whatever they wanted….apparently minnows and shad make good fish soup
  6. Very early 90s we had a surge in bridge building, and the effort by design to make it difficult to access many of our SW Missouri streams…this pushed people to easy to get to places
  7. More goldfish were sold as bait, than ever got released as wayward pets…once in the 80s bought some for limb line bait, the wife had a fit so they lived in my pop in law’s water tank, got fed a hand full of oatmeal once a week, biggest they got was about 3/4 of a pound…..if a water has flat heads, blues, or channels goldfish wouldn’t last long…Koi that’s a different matter they can get huge peeps turn them loose at marinas, biggest spreader of disease…
  8. Then our bitter winter should have killed off many many snakes for that matter armadillos, fire ants took a hit in south Texas and more than a few palm trees
  9. Seen one cotton mouth on north fork years ago….and one rattler near the old atlas powder plant.. plenty of copperheads
  10. It would be foolish to get wels catfish here, but it’s nice to know if we get a true Asian carp apocalypse we have options…. then there are Nile perch
  11. Bet wels would eat the fashizzle out of silvers….and anything that got near them, including noisy children and pets….think the place to catch them at the moment is Spain can’t imagine them at 12ft and 350# 😳😳😳
  12. 50k of these stocked in TR might make it interesting 🤔
  13. The amount of pressure on all fisheries is up, and will continue to go up, riparian habitat is degrading… the area downstream from grand falls on shoal creek is an abomination and and embarrassment to its former self…need to put teeth in the regulations for the poachers….as far as meat fishing,,,,,seems people wheel and deal more than is thought,,,
  14. That pic wasn’t taken in Missouri, Wisconsin I believe, the details of why they shot so many in one go they didn’t share….could they be fibbing about the particulars, it’s possible…do I think every bfer shoots that many? Most assuredly not… if you think I’m bad these guys are hard core animal rights
  15. Russian anglers hit the pothole for carp all the time…must be a cultural thing
  16. I’m not the one claiming the numbers. This pic comes from a bfer group 1503 in one night, fish. Packed in because of spawning I am sure if allowed they could do the same with salmon didn’t they think we had plenty of salmon too? Concentrations of spawning fish make it Look like more populations
  17. Kevin Morlock beaver island guide indigo guide service
  18. This is a Trip every fly fisherman owes themselves!
  19. Are all BFers bad? Absolutely not,,,neither was all the remote control boat anglers that targeted the ginormous blue cats below Truman dam, most caught and released or selectively harvested. few caught and trafficed catfish for profit, selling fish in Kc
  20. If you want to know the groups that support common carp protections are: eurostyle carp anglers, fly fisherman that target golden bones, paylakers who gamble on fishing, rough fish groups. other groups who oppose unregulated bfing redfish groups, catfish groups gar groups and bowfin groups a number of state fisheries biologists concerned about native fish populations primarily long lived, slow to maturity, buffalo and alligator gar and the impact removing common carp does to early food available to game fish like bass and walleyes. Also the effect hyper bright lights have on bird populations and non target fish during the spawn (walleyes, endangered suckers) Some lake property owners are fed up with noise, lights, outright property damage and stinking fish piles
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