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  1. Good info, Brian. Thank you.
  2. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Donna catches them consistently on several sizes of swimmers out of the back of the boat. Me, not so much. Fortunately for us SplitG2, we know other ways to catch em. 😁
  3. Who is bed fishing? If you're talking about Bill, he isn't sight fishing for two reasons. First, he said he was catching them 12-18 feet deep. Smallmouth don't bed that deep. Second, Bill wouldn't intentionally bed fish during spawning season. He can catch them half a dozen different ways at any time of year and besides, he's smart enough to leave the bedders to their business for the future of the fishery.
  4. Great info, Phillip. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Yeah, some of those guys out there have fished upward of 30 FLW events and only have $1,600 in career earnings ... and only $420 of that in 6 years as a boater ... average of $21 per event. Hmmmm.
  6. Thinking about fishing a veterans benefit tournament the last weekend of May. Are you gonna be here wreaking havoc then? 😆😂
  7. They're raiding your private stash, Jeff! Did you check to see if they have permits to be above the Shell Knob bridge? By the way, those permits can only be issued by Babler.
  8. Preach it, brother! Gimme Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon and BPS Excel mono, and I am set. If tournament fishing, I MIGHT change my fluorocarbon to Trilene 100% carbon because it's the most sensitive line I've ever used. But it's expensive. Those three are all I need.
  9. That's great news. Why in the world do organizers continue to hold big-bass events during the spawn? It doesn't take a biologist to figure out that when you take hundreds of fish off their spawning beds, you are hurting the fishery. It's not even an argument. One bass taken from a bed potentially kills hundreds of fry. Multiply that out and we wouldn't NEED supplemental stocking (which we aren't getting) if we would just let nature take care of itself without interrupting the spawn of the fish that at least some of us love dearly. Annual spawning season tournament rant over. We now retur
  10. Vern, I'm with ya for sure on the traveling, palming and 3-second calls. All nonexistent these days.
  11. Really nice afternoon and a great report. Congrats and thanks! Hard to beat the old species trifecta on Table Rock ... you were only a meanmouth away from the Table Rock Slam. You needed Quillback in the boat. That guy catches meanmouth like no one's business.
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