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  1. There is an old school house not far off the river where Big Creek comes in (if I remember correctly).
  2. So I used make an offer on eBay and scored a great deal on a new Tatula SV. The couple rods I ordered didn’t quite pan out (tip was too stiff to load even a 1/5 jig without really whipping it) so now I’m looking at the 6’ ML Crankin Stick from BPS (https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/bass-pro-shops-crankin-stick-split-grip-eva-casting-rod). They had a 7’ in the store that I’m certain would load a light lure so the 6’ should be gtg. I also found a Temple Fork Outfitters Loomis Signature series for ~$75 from Gander that I’m going to try. It’s longer than I wanted at 7’, but that’s the lengt
  3. Coosa HD and Predator MX are designed for rivers. They both carry a lot of gear, are maneuverable, and have decent speed for their size. The MX is cheaper but doesn’t have as many bells and whistles. Coosa HD is better for camping with the larger hatch and removable chair. In normal years, kayaks start going on sale in September. I got my Coosa HD for 25% off with a bit of negotiation.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Carretes-pesca-KastKing-Crixus-superpoliméricas/dp/B07M5NP7MW?ref_=ast_sto_dp These? (every reel under $200, and many over $200, is made in China so whatevs)
  5. Thought I’d revive this old thread as I have started dabbling in this. I’ve found several decent, affordable rod options, but curious if you all have any reasonably priced real recommendations? @Al Agnew the BPS reals you mentioned don’t appear to be made anymore and I didn’t see an obvious replacement. Tatula SV is a popular choice on forums but at $180, that’s more than I want spend on a reel that will spend most of its life in a canoe or kayak.
  6. Did you all get a bunch of rain down there?
  7. Are you dead set on wading or would you be willing to rent a canoe? That would open quite a bit of possibilities. Depending on water levels, the Jacks Fork can offer some wading opportunities, but it is not really a wading steam. You’ll hit a hole too deep to wade pretty quickly. The Current has very little wading opportunity anywhere that has smallmouth bass. Most people won’t share good wading streams on open forums, but they will share good stretches of floatable streams.
  8. @Al Agnew, Crooked disappears at some point between Yelleville and the White. Do you know where that starts? I can tell from Street View that it is gone by the time it gets to the next bridge (6002).
  9. Awesome day. That looks like some skinny water too.
  10. If it is a state highway, there is a good chance there is a street view. Gravel roads are rarely covered. Paved county roads just kind of depend. Even if you can’t see the actual access, sometimes you can see the entrance to the last turnoff and can see if the road is private or not.
  11. Surprised nobody mentioned street view yet. That can be very helpful.
  12. 225’s. It’s 450’s these days are nothing at all lol.
  13. I always like the idea of trying new places (floating to me is 50% scenery too). But at the same time, it seems we always end up back at the same couple places that we know hold fish.
  14. Al, Send me all your unlisted streams and I can use a GIS mapping software to calculate the distance for you 🤫
  15. Do they even have room to turn?
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