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  1. Wrench believes in heaven when the whites are hitting
  2. I used to be a big St.Croix fan until I sent in a broken $400.00 dollar flyrod and they wanted to replace it with a $200.00 model. Their service rep tried to tell me that the $200 model was a comparable rod. I told the guy he was full of you know what. Cheap hardware on the cheaper model ,slower blank ,cheap grade of cork etc. I told the guy I would get all my receipts for 20 rods together and they can give me my money back or you can sell me a more expensive rod and I will pay the difference between the 2 retail prices and you pay the shipping for my inconvenience .I ended up paying the di
  3. Make sure you don't get any weeds on the middle roller, that could look bad.
  4. Wasn't there a fishing show starring a guy named Orlando Wilson. He fished public lakes unlike someone like Bill Dance. Good show.
  5. Don't drop an egg or the yoke is on you !
  6. I thought we were supposed to ask you questions?
  7. Great to see you wearing life jackets Thanks for the video
  8. I think night fishing is good for your eyesight.
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