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  1. My worst fear while out in the woods would have been turning around and seeing my mother -in-law.
  2. I am grateful to wake up every day so I can see the latest Wrench post.
  3. they are from the US lets root for them all.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am getting ready to tie some right now. You fish better than this last pic, lol
  5. Is that a dun colored hackle and what shade of dubbing is that if I may ask. Nice fish by the way.
  6. If Blake caught a fish twice the length of his boot it was indeed a nice fish. Congrats Blake.
  7. Phil, I have seen Blake catch plenty of fish on One Cast and he always seems to handle the fish in the proper manner. He does a nice job on the videos. I have made it a point to always have my life jacket on and buckled up any time the big motor is running. I fish by myself a lot of the time so I wear one of the inflatable types. I always wear one when fishing alone, you never know when a large wake or you just loose your balance and fall comes along. Much easier for any one to find you if the worst happens. I would hate to end up in the water on Taney as it is so cold. You are setting a great example for others by wearing your pfd. Keep up the good work with One Cast and Ozark Anglers.
  8. I came home one day and told my wife I won the lottery ,she said give me half and I will divorce you. I pulled out my wallet and gave her $6.00 and said there you go .She didn't do it.
  9. I need to watch myself. I always asked Phil why he never wore a life jacket in in his One Cast videos and now he does and so do his assistant film crew. I got kicked off of Flyfishing Taneycomo for telling Idoux to quit posting pictures of his wading boot in the water and a trout laying out of the water. I just didn't know he was so sensitive. Heck I didn't even call him a name.
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