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  1. Double clinch it is, for mono and flouro. Used it for as long as I can remember.
  2. Wow Pete. Hope you heal up quick, and start catching some fish. You might have to fish corn off of Phil's dock, and get Duane to run the net for you.
  3. Well I hope you get released also. But, best wait two more weeks before you squirrel hunt.
  4. He told me once , that when he lived in Calidonia, that after work he would drive to Montauk for a couple hours fishing.
  5. Yes indeed on a true friend Marty.
  6. Not much fw, between guiding clients, and friends, and hunting what ever is in open season, he is a busy guy. Not to mention his custom lure making and wood work. I have known Duane for 16 years now. I have night fished with him on several occasions. He is very knowledgeable, a fine sportsman and all around great guy.
  7. https://www.leavenworthtimes.com/story/sports/2021/05/07/fishing-lake-monsters-taneycomo/4988529001/?fbclid=IwAR0W04LzT8jn0nohrg0odX1bmJdbUy9zy8PT4GssetMvzsN7poPT0EvLtq8
  8. Returned to the lake again this morning around 10:00. Weather was good , boat traffic light for a weekend. Used minnows again. Caught 10 keeper crappie, 3 channel cats, one bass, and 2 warmouth. Watched a momma wood duck with 6 little ones swim by the dock. Back home now and fixing coffee out on the patio. A great couple of days in the ozarks.
  9. Her sister and bil joined us for dinner. No one went home hungry that I am aware of .
  10. Sandy and I made a trip down to her sister's crappie dock yesterday. Weather was great, lake traffic was light, but fishing was slow. Since we had nothing better to do, we stuck it out and just enjoyed the great day. Minnows was the bait of choice. We just sat and waited for fish to find us. Ended up with 9 keeper crappie, one catfish, and lost a big no see um. Felt like a beaver as it swam off towards bagnell dam. Got back home about 3:30 and my lovely bride decided we would make an impromptu meal of fresh crappie, boiled shrimp, parsleyed potatoes, black eyed peas, spinach, and a salad, chee
  11. I could answer that but I would have to give up a well guarded fishing secret. If you were to sample the different types of stream moss, then you could determine exactly which moss they prefer.
  12. We ended up on the crappie dock about 11 am. Things were slow, but it was a great day temperature wise and we had nothing else to do but fish, relax, and enjoy the day. Minnows were the best producer today. They have not spawned yet even though a few males are on the bank. Females came off the dock and full of eggs. Like I said it was slow fishing but we ended up with 14 between us. That is two meals for us. Crappie, black eye peas, cornbread, and maybe a fried tator. Now we are expected to get more rain from this area and south. 3 to 4 inches around West Plains i s the forecast. The creeks wi
  13. Well yesterday was my 72nd birthday and roughly 61 years of fishing at bssp. My wife and I headed out about 11 am , stopped at Kelly's store and then hit the creek about 12:30. It was crowded for a monday. Not only with fishermen, but lots of sight seers. My wife bought me a new fishing chair, so it was try out day. I mostly sat while she fished. I kept a spare rod rigged and ready. She would say "honey" I want to try an x- factor with two # 6 split shot. So I would have it rigged and ready. A leader malfunction, I had that covered as well. It started out slow, but after a while she figured it
  14. Looks like he has been stomped on, drug thru the rocks, and maybe roped a couple of times.
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