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  1. Sandy and I have fished 6 days in the past 2 weeks. The fish that we are catching are in great shape. They are strong, hard fighting, and will splash water in your face when released. Lets hope this trend continues. Thanks for the update Phil.
  2. Sandy and I took a trip to our favorite fishing hole. We did not catch big numbers but we did catch some nice quality fish.
  3. Sounds like you ran into one of Doug's buddies. One of the local experts that says, you can't be catching more fish than me. It is not allowed. How about some info on that large rainbow you had hooked. Doug said it was big.
  4. A rare occurrence from last October.
  5. Glad you tracked him down and glad he is ok. I have to give credit to Mrs Laker, She tracked down the info.
  6. In general chat,may 2020, topic is called "Rebel like his dad". He and his wife Oneshot 1 we think, are talking about their son Travis Zarechi, who lives in springfield. You might go back in the archives and read the conversation. Also see Barnhouse baseball, and Barnhouse Bingo in springfield.
  7. First got the idea by watching 3 guys from KC using spinning rods and those big ole lighted crappie or catfish floats. Bought some light sticks and indicators from walmart, drilled a bigger hole, and painted the indicator black to cut down on the glare. All you could see was about an 1/8th inch of light on each end. Jeff Duclos used some nylon tubing to attach the lighted part to his leader. I recall fishing with Ryne on occasion. I remember running into him one evening right after he had caught a nice 7lber. I first started fishing at night back in the 70's. Dave Betherem from springfield, a local nicknamed "Doc", and myself were about the only fly rodders after dark. Lots of bait fishermen and lots of huge stringers of trout taken out. In the mid 2000's is when the night time crowds over flowed the water that we had to fish. 50 guys on Saturday night was not uncommon.
  8. From no trebles to no outlet fishing. That is fine and dandy if the water is off. But why handicap the handicap ? We keep having this same discussion on outlets. Don't take away my, and several others only option. More than likely this will be my last season.
  9. Yes, it is a tool for control and not weighing . Use it to weigh the fish in the net and subtract net weight.
  10. You wouldn't say that if you owned a boga and a small boot.
  11. It's a shame that the boga grip manufacturer have never given the proper instructions for using a boga grip. I have used one for years . Like most things, there is a proper way.
  12. Do you recall when most of the guides from taneycomo were using the photo tank to show off their catches? Well, maybe not Bill Babbler, his kind of hung out on both ends. Corky and I could not afford one of the store bought ones, so we made our own. This is one of our photo tank catches.
  13. It is a sad state of affairs most times at the outlet. One guy snags a fish in the tail, and the guy beside him wants to know what fly that he caught it on. What really upsets the experts is when my wife pulls a 7 lb fish out from under them. That will send them home talking to themselves. You got the right idea Jesters, just keep night fishing, trust me I would still be doing it if my health allowed me to.
  14. I always get caught up in this outlet fishing. And like I have said before, some handicap anglers that can still get to the creek, have little option. For the past several years my wife and I and a handful of anglers on this forum, fish the outlets during running water. Several on here can tell you that there is an art to fishing the outlets. Especially when most are dragging 3 flies on a 10 to 12 leader through the same 6 inch drift area, over and over. They watch that bobber and react at the first hesitation. They do not have a clue as to whether or not, that they have a fish, the bottom, or the 3 people standing closest to them.As a fish in the gauntlet, if the left one don't get you, then the right one will. Going back to fishing in a crowd. I bet you that myself, my wife, and the others that I mentioned, can hook 5 or more fish in a row, and all are hooked in the mouth.We don't try to catch every fish in front of us, and some times we don't catch 5 fish. But, those five fish might weight a total of 20 lbs or better. That is the art.
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