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  1. Ahhhhh, now I see Taxi - if we get a microscope out we can see the horrible damage that has been done.... Once again - the Sea Shepard denies every throwing "acid in someones face". You read somewhere that it did happen - so where are the police charges filed? Where is your proof that it did happen? As far as backing an anti hunter or fisher - well, I guess if that means going on the side of what I feel is "right" and "just" - and frankly flat out the legal side of this issue.... I guess you got me... JS
  2. Was down below the dam for a few hours today. Kind of slow. Caught one walleye about 4 pounds - a guy next to me caught one that had to be 8 or 9 - A few whites and a couple of hybrids being caught. One guy just below us brought in two cats that must have been 20+ each. Both the walleyes had a ton of eggs - so the spawn is still on - but the only thing stacked up more than the walleyes were the fisherman. JS
  3. Lots of fish? And lots of spring break crowd? May make it down in the next day or two - thought I would see how it is - JS
  4. You know Taxi - it is comments like yours that just continue to perpetuate the lies heavily funded by the Japanese government. How? Because when someone says that someone "Threw acid in somebody's face" - what do we think of? Of course what they WANT people to think is that some poor soul has had some terrible disfiguring burning acid thrown in their face that melted their skin right off..... That is NOT what we are dealing with here. Many activist groups including the sea Shepherd use Rotten Butter - which becomes butyric acid - they throw this on the deck of the ship and it's smell is such that no one wants to be there. It has been used for years to clear a political gathering, and even by some authorities to break up unruly gatherings. It is a nasty smell that causes many people to vomit, and is very hard to clean up. By the way, there is no proof of any of this getting "thrown into the face" of anyone on any of the ships the Sea shepherd has thrown or launched it on...... unless of course you believe the press releases by the Japanese government, which of course is who is funding these whale hunts.... Now, if you just didn't know this and are just repeating some kind of propaganda you have read, then no problem, now you will know the next time you see something about this. But whether a person thinks this kind of behavior is acceptable or despicable, we at least need to be honest about what is going on and not try to perpetuate all the false information that surrounds this issue. JS
  5. If you actually read any of the other stuff this guy writes, who did the ESPN article - his stuff is pretty much all - the sky is falling etc etc.... How he gets an article in places like ESPN I don't know, but just look at the titles of his articles and you see what you are about to get fed..... Bet he's got himself a bunker somewhere in the Ozarks waiting for the next millenium... ) JS
  6. Al, you just don't get it do you? THEY are coming for you!!!! You and your "sport" fishing buddies!!! Comon man, get with the program! Even though there is no real mention of outlawing sportfishing... you KNOW that is what they mean! It is all part of the plan.... Don't you read the National Review? Soon there will be a knock at your door and young men in Jack boots will be coming in to confiscate your fly rod - it could be next week!!!!!! Ahhhh, good stuff in the morning! (I also heard "they" are going to send us all to concentration camps - so be on the lookout)..... As an interesting aside, it is pretty funny how on this board apparently when you start to type r-a-d-.... the automatic fill-in just goes ahead and fills in "radical environmental groups" - or if you would ever just try to type in "environmental groups" it automatically inserts the word "radical" in front of it..... hmmmmmmm JS
  7. Hey Trev - RMNP is an awesome place. It depends if you want to do stream/river fishing or lake stuff. There are some really good lakes where you can catch a ton of fish - Fern, the Loch, Lawn - done really well everytime I have been to any of those. Just have to hike to them. If you go to Lawn you can do Roaring River on the way up. - btw Roaring River is usually neither Roaring or much of a River - it is kind of a small trickle down the mountain in the fall. But each little pool holds fish so it is pretty fun fishing. For me, the Thompson gets so over fished that I usually don't have as much luck there, although there are bigger fish there - just might not get as many. But Fall River up towards the top of it is really pretty cool. And Ouzel creek is a fun time too. And if you hit it right in Sept you will have Golden Aspens and Bugling Elk - so really you might find the quality of fishing to be not nearly as important! The last time I was there in the fall there was some hatch of little red bugs - and in Fern, or Spruce lakes ANYTHING that had red would catch a fish every cast - no red = no fish - didn't matter the size or style of fly - just had to be red. JS
  8. For any of you that didn't come to the Christmas show - here are a couple of videos I finally got up for your viewing pleasure. A couple of special guests that made it fun! First up, Danielle killing the vocals on this blues tune Next - Janet Jameson from Shooting Star playing some nice electic violin JS
  9. Bman, you KNOW that isn't a "gigged" smallie - it was probably just one of those rogue snail darters, or those pesky flesh eating scuds or some such thing that took a bite out of him. If there is one thing we've learned from this post is that no matter how many pictures you take, or how many fish you no longer see in your favorite holes, that it is not giggers gettin em, but rather some sort of rival wildlife attack. That is reassuring to know anyhow. JS
  10. This to me is no different than what gets talked about right here on this forum regarding illegal activites at Taney or wherever. The problem? Not enough agents to enforce the law. So what do we say? We usually suggest that if you see someone using powerbait at the rebar hole that you say something to them. It was just talked about in another post of having a group go down to the boat ramps where giggers launch to make sure they are aware of the laws. It is citizens taking action against those who are illegally taking what belongs to us all. Sure, the boats that chase the illegal whalers are much more extreme - but it is a much larger problem. He was right to say that the Japanese government is involved in this - they issue "research" permits to these boats to go do "research" on whales. It is all under the scientific disguise. So when the guy down at the rebar hole with his powerbait says "Too bad, I am staying here" - at least we have the option of then calling the agent and reporting him. What option do you have when you see a vessel from another country doing something illegal? Especially when that other country's government is part and parcel to the whole thing anyway! What - you gonna call your senator? So the problem is much stickier to tackle. And yeah - these guys are always trying to get attention..... but that is their point. The only thing that can cause someone in Washington to really take notice on something like this is to get enough people to make enough noise - so the more extreme thing you do, the better chance you have of someone paying attention. Like the guy pouring the bottle of water on the house fire - he is the guy that will get interveiwed on the news - so therefore HE is the guy that will get the publicity for his cause whatever that may be...... It is basic PR 101 - the more extreme thing you do, the more attention you get. As far as "sitting down with scientists and international agencies and policy wonks and hashing out what to do to actually prevent whaling" - Well, that has been going on since the 70s and you see how it has stopped the Japanese from killing whales. So I say bring on the "Son of the Ady mach II"... JS
  11. I am so sorry I have been away from the forum for so long! I almost missed this thread with some absolute classic posts by Forsythian!! Great stuff - It is good to see in this crazy world that some things never change. It is the same conversation we had on the topic several years ago. Did you just copy your posts? OK - so I have rambled about my "experiences" with trout and smallie giggers before and won't go into it here - but Al........ Don't ever believe that things can't change! And we should never believe that gigging at least on some streams will never be banned. Laws are made all the time to adapt to newer ways of thinking and better understanding of things and we progress as humans. Look at ALL of the fishing regulations and hunting regulations that are out there now - there was a time when most of them WERE NOT in place. But as people became more aware of a situation - whether it was the decline of bear in bear baiting areas etc etc or whatever - then it was changed. That is how we got to where we are now. It may not happen next year, or even in our lifetime, but it can happen. If it can be proven and presented that some outlaw giggers are hurting the SMB population or the trout population then I believe it can change. And I am sorry for the giggers who do it legal, but sometimes that is the way laws are, they are there because some people will do otherwise left to their own accords. I would never drive down my street at 80mph.... but SOME idiots would, so there has to be a 25mph speed limit - does it effect law abiding citizens like myself? Yep. But the law has to be there for the good of ALL - not just a few guys. And that to me is what this situation is. Al - you are a well known cat - you have some clout both as a longtime fisherman etc but also as an artist. Use that to help motivate people to get behind whatever movement you want - MSA if they are willing to support it, or start your own - get some names of guys like myself who would support you and get together pics, personal stories, etc etc any info you can. Present this to the MDC, or go to other organizations to get an ear - I know things like this are frustrating, but it CAN change. JS
  12. Hey guys - don't know how many of you read down this far in the forum But for any of you in the KC area - our annual Christmas Concert for the Animals is Monday Dec 21st at the Uptown Theater in KC - ALL the money raised goes to local animal shelters. - So for rockin Christmas music and to support a good cause come on out - JS
  13. Hey guys - I've looked into a new boat myself and have read up on the Ultimate 12 so good to see some responses from guys who have one. Here was one review I had checked out if you want some more info. http://www.georgiariverfishing.com/GAartic.../Ultimate12.htm Having said that... Several years ago I bought a Perception Swifty 9.5 - just a "recreational" kayak from Dick's on sale for like 215 bucks - and it has been fine for all of my adventures. I usually fish small lakes - do occasional ozark streams, and it has even taken me down several rivers in Montana with no problems. I don't take very much gear with me - just don't want a ton of crap - and I am almost always fly-fishing. I really don't like fishing rivers with available sandbars from the boat anyway, so I do a lot of getting in and out - and as long as you don't stand up in it before you beach it - there is no problem getting in and out for me. And at 30some pounds it is nice to throw over the shoulder and take wherever. So really, it is whatever you get used to (or have, and learn to deal with it). It obviously doesn't have much room in it - and being that short it is not much good for when you have to move out - which is why I would like something that could address those issues. A question for those that use a solo canoe - do you usually use a kayak paddle with it or a regular one? Anyhow - good thoughts - JS
  14. Hey, Thanks Terry - should be a fun event, and I really hope it raises a ton of money and awareness of these different charities! Always on the lookout for white dudes in panama hats. Granted it is usually so I can avoid them but..... JS
  15. Cool z!! Yep Phil - the hair gets caught everywhere -especially on the strap button - of course it used to be worse when there was more of it JS
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