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    All I can say is of all the posts I've read, yours are among the few that don't seem to have a sense of humor. I wish I could help you with that - I mean when others are sarcastic or funny, just seems to make you madder, I'm sorry if I've done that. Best advice - - Lighten up!!! Chuckle at yourself - or me - for crying out loud - "Calling up a bear with a leg of chicken" - now THAT'S funny!!! Comon -

    But since you asked for my ignorant opinions - here goes - Not enough time to discuss all that could be discussed on it, but - I think the tradition of Fox hunting - at least I would expect the kind that you are talking about, being hounds chasing a fox followed by a group on horses, is a social event originally practiced by the aristocracy. Actually the English foxhunt was originally done mostly on King's land where others weren't allowed to hunt. Eventually less land restrictions allowed the commoner to act like the important people by partaking in some of their activities. Rich people have always amused themselves with activities that aren't particularly difficult or dangerous for them, but are made to make them look somehow important in the eyes of their subjects and or peers. Much like the Tiger hunts that took place in India in the 1800s - I actually have a book describing the hunt of King George V as late as 1911, in Nepal where they killed 39 tigers from the safety of the backs of elephants. Of course we can see the upper class attitude on "sport" as far back as the Roman Coliseum. So I think the fox hunt is about as sporting as watching 10,000 people fight each other or various animals to their death on a Saturday afternoon. They don't need to eat the fox - the fur is too damaged to use, so there is no "hunter/gatherer" capitulation to be made as is traditionally argued for in other hunting debates. So it really is a social event. As far as a culturally important historical event, I think that it's "tradition" as you like to call it is significant in many ways. Just like the coliseum - we can learn a great deal about ourselves by studying history. Overall I think you could have exactly the same social experience by taking a bunch of people out on horses on a ride through the country - maybe even take a few dogs along for companionship - nowadays the people could take cameras and get photos of the group and the scenery to last a lifetime - maybe have a picnic and all hang out together. See I think this would completely satisfy the social side of the human psyche - as to the darker side, I don't know, history has also taught that maybe only bloodshed can do that.

    History is packed with traditions and ways that at the time were completely accepted and fought for by the faithful - whether it be Killing tigers by the dozens, buying and selling slaves, not allowing women the right to vote, or even disco. But the beautiful thing about it, is the ability of the collective human thought to sway the world to the proper moral and ethical position. Doesn't always happen, and certainly doesn't happen overnight. But I have faith that good will always triumph over evil.

    Sorry this post is long - but not knowing anything and whatnot, it takes me longer to cypher out the thinkin in my head for ya -

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