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  1. Usually the high school question comes up when folks know you grew up in the Loo. Since you grew up in Springtown why would they ask ya?
  2. Eastsiders don't want folks besmirching their town or even worse the high school they went to. Soon as they know you grew up in the Lou they ask what school you went to. As in high school not college/university. Never understood that. I suppose it is just an indirect way of stereotyping a person. As for the City of St. Louis maybe it should be shortened to St. Loo.


    Razorbacks looked really strong. Much more impressive than either Tiger performance.
  4. It has a 4.8 out of 5 on Google reviews.
  5. Hopefully it will be donated back. Oh the stories that cave could tell.
  6. Great looking bait. I wouldn't mind a Vision 110 in that color scheme.
  7. Looks like a great trip. I miss that creek and river fishing from when I lived in St. James. Not much close by in KC.
  8. Knuckled Deceiver - Thought it might be the name of one of Wrench's old girlfriends.😁
  9. Haven't had much success pulling cranks around the 47mm either.
  10. If they were Invisimans I'd take them off your hands.
  11. During a tourney a couple weeks back I caught a short on the whopper plopper. Ended up with one point of the tail hook buried in my right index finger from the top corner of the nail to where the hook point was barely out the bottom of the finger. Partner had to cut the O-ring from the bait after removing the fish. Fished the last 25 minutes of the tourney with the hook in my finger. Got home and put the boat away. Made an ice/salt/water brine and chilled the finger good, pushed the barb on through, cut it off, rechilled, and backed the rest on out. No worse for wear.
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