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  1. Looks good Wench - You have a pic from back to front? Curious how you transition from the front elevation to the main deck. Would you put it on vertical surfaces? Would is be slippery when wet without the grooves?
  2. Can't call this an accident. Hunter failed to positively identify his target and what was behind his target prior to shooting. Heard tell he was attempting to shoot a flying bird. Still no excuse.
  3. Will the delay adversely impact their reproduction?
  4. That due to water level wrench?
  5. My first question would be, how much moss have you eaten to know the taste? No doubt hatchery trout are not great table fare. They do taste pretty good off the smoker though. I was ruined eating native brook trout from tiny streams in the UP. Their flesh looked salmon like. Amazingly good fish.

    Favorite fish fry

    My Dad always mixed equal parts flour and corn meal. A little salt and pepper and that was it.

    Favorite fish fry

    Once dredged let the rings sit for a bit before dropping in the grease.

    Favorite fish fry

    The key to great onion rings is to use vidalia onions. Slice the onions, separate the rings, and soak in buttermilk. Out of the buttermilk and dredge in flour then off to the grease. Once they come out hit them with some Lawry's season salt, Tony's, or whatever else you like. Get a nice light, flaky ring. Simple and tasty. Much better than heavily coated, crusty, tasteless rings which are typical. Crappie and Walleye are excellent sautéed in butter and hit with a little Old Bay.
  9. Sounds like a great trip
  10. Quit in 2004 and have never looked back.. Quit many times before that but didn't stick to it. Can't say it gave me more energy, but definitely gives you more time and saves a lot of money. If you want energy get rid of most carbs in your diet.
  11. Been known to get an elongated "nose" on some of my jigs after baking. Haven't quite figured out if it is too much powder paint or too long a bake. Or both?
  12. So what was the trick to getting the results you wanted?
  13. If my trolling motor doesn't get here soon so I can get back to fishing I might have to start drinking.
  14. Sounds like fun Phil. Wish my old knees were up to it. Good luck.
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