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  1. I trolled for 6 hours into the current at 1.1 on Bull shoals 3 weeks ago before the batteries started feeling it. Terrova 24v 18' fiberglass bass boat.
  2. Very nice mess of fish. We had a similar experience last Friday over that way. Our fish were a little deeper over brush in about 20 fow. That day they wouldn't hit a jig that wasn't black and chart, though minnows did work. The fish weren't chock full of eggs yet. Thanks for the report.
  3. Water was 40° on Monday and 43° this afternoon. Today the fish (Crappie and a couple short walleye) were hugging the bottom and wanted the bait moving really slow.
  4. We put in at beaver yesterday. All clear at the ramp and main Lake. There's still some ice up in the creaks. We caught crappie in 27' of water casting drop shot rigs to schools of fish. All artificial baits. Color of bait didn't really matter, but twitching your rod tip a bit then dead sticking it till you felt the super light tap did.
  5. Anybody know if it's still muddy around Bridgeport?
  6. He's awesome! Congrats on the grandson! I get it. They are the best! I have 2 of them ( not bragging just saying). One is 3 the other just started crawling. I've taken the older grandboy to the pond a few times. He caught his first fish with Pappy. Your in for a real treat. Enjoy. I know you will. Oh, and nice fish.
  7. This is the site that I use. https://www.swl-wc.usace.army.mil/pages/data/tabular/htm/tabrock.htm
  8. I'll say it. Come on down. Keep it in the family. Practice social distancing. (That's what the experts say to do.) Help a family stay in business so they can feed their kids. Be an American. Catch some fish if you're lucky.
  9. We landed 4 paddle fish at the pothole during the high water of 2017 on jigging spoons.
  10. Thanks I've wondered what the float and fly was all about. Would that cork and a bobber stop work?
  11. Thanks Paco. It's down about 4' from last time I was there.
  12. You can launch at Shadow Rock right now. Beaver is pretty tough to launch at, it's doable with 2 people off the road. If your launching by yourself at 664' at Beaver bring waders.
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