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  1. Possible Ozark Hellbender young ? or just salamanders...
  2. Shawnee river boat with trailer - very lighty used.... the older the better. Will pay money, but trades are an option. Let's talk. Thanks for looking, or helping, or anything - Brian
  3. Nice ... this post is still here ~ this ant still works!
  4. I still have a few of these left over. These are a great hook...
  5. I just arrived to see the water off at Taneycomo.... which I am sure is because of the upcoming work to be done 6/1. You can imagine my shock to see the water down ... 1st time in years it seems. It’s gonna look crazy in the daylight .... cheers all - Brian 4:45am Edit - I just spoke to the Operator of TR Dam at the moment and he told me that No... the water being off has nothing to do with the work to be done. They have always been very cooperative with me... So honestly, the water could come on at 6am now today for all I know. Taneycomo is a tough one to figure out I tell ya... It seems odd to go from running full blast with 5 flood gates open up above to nothing - Zero. The guy in the TR powerhouse hates to be bothered... I could tell from his tone... so again - no tellin’ what the heck is going on.
  6. Wow... that is fast! The growth rate of those fish is impressive! Brian Shaffer
  7. No night fishing is a bad night... unless the wookalar gets ya - then its a bad night! p.s. why did you blur out Linda face ?
  8. It's a rainbrown. ... ... ... No.. a brownbow. Nah... that's just beautiful man. Perhaps I will have to watch these here videos of this Hank Patterson fella. Hope it is worth it... hope it's not too corny.
  9. I will split the cost of my shipping 50/50 USPS Priority Mail to the lower 48 states only. Please contact me directly by email - ozarkflyfisher@gmail.com I answer emails fast, take PayPal fast and I ship fast. Thanks for looking in - Brian * I have no problem shipping International * Any questions ? Feel free to ask. ** Orvis Hard Leather 150th Anniversary Reel Case, Brand New - 4 1/4 inside diameter The nicest reel case I have seen from Orvis. $100 Reduced to $80 ** 100% Brand new, unfished and uncast Orvis Superfine 'Presentation' Graphite Rod with sock and Leather Tube 54" Rod is a 8' 3" 7wt 2pc dated 0683. Ultralight 2 7/8ths ounces. J.R. Buck neatly scripted on wood insert. This is a Superfine rod and from this era of graphite, this rod casts best with one line weight lighter (6). Picture a windy day on a good size dry fly river... that's where this rod is at its finest. Rod shipped from the factory with foam extension on male end to line up both pieces in the sock. Leather tube has JRB neatly stamped in a western font as shown. (you could flip the strap over and never see it) $350 both items Reduced to $150 each - your choice, Orvis Rod & Sock or Orvis Leather Tube $275 for both items ** Orvis 8ft 2pc 6wt Trout - Brand new / old stock with tube and sock. A rod straight from the factory new. (pictures coming soon) $300 ** Orvis CFO V - a little under 3 1/2 inches in diameter and 6.4 ounces lined Nice used condition including a dated line spooled in LHW $215 ** NEW old stock Orvis Madison III with spare spool and box. Has a good line on it. $85 ** Used but really nice Orvis DXR 7/8 with zippered case plus 2 spools (and another FREE spool not shown) The reel has less than 35 hours on it... I fished it in Michigan for a Steelhead trip in 2009. The FREE spool is missing a screw for the counterbalance (supplied) that's all $200 Reduced to $165 ** Orvis Madison II Disc spare spools (4) All brand new / old stock $32 for all of them ** Orvis Hydros WF5F fly line - 100% new in box - Olive Dun color $54 Reduced to $45
  10. These are not scarce... but you sure do not find them everywhere. I have 4 and they are new and unopened. The retail price is on one :$12.99 ** I am asking $35 shipped paid with PayPal. Just email me from the blue link below with Rapala in the title line. These are also posted on Joe's Old Lures so they are gonna go quick. Thanks for lookin' - Brian
  11. Hey just FYI - not so is the adipose fin clipped on all triploid fish. I just called into the Hatchery itself and asked how to determine triploids. I was told that fin clippings mostly are done to know when a fish was stocked by year. It could be adipose or pectoral or ... how many other fins are there ? I am not sure I have ever caught a triploid trout in Taneycomo myself...
  12. Nice fish... all the way from New York too... Cool. I dig your chosen screen name on here by the way... it happens to be my email address. Welcome and Cheers to ya' - Brian
  13. 3:24pm Saturday - 3 units right now - big lake at 916.8 - taneycomo below dam 708.5 - 9198 cubic feet per second Generation chart says shutdown at 8pm for the next 3 days. 100MW's per day.
  14. Yesterday Wednesday 5/23 at 10pm or so, the water was shut down at Taneycomo. The Corps chart shows generation til the hour of 20.. but I believe it shut off at 10pm and stayed off til 6am or so. Let's hope this starts a pattern of them shutting the water down for a change... it has been running all year - like every day all year but one. Hope my knee is up for some night fishing - Cheers all - Brian ~ Fish and Feel Fit ~
  15. Hey Phil - The Big Fish award.. went to Sue.. was that fish 17 or 12 pounds ? The white board in the pictures says 12.84 - that's why I ask.
  16. The reel is 3.25 inches in diameter and weighs 5.5 ounces. Holds a WF7F with 50 yards of 20 pound, but holds a ton of backing with a WF6F. It is unfished, unmounted to a rod, and that $2500 price tag does not include shipping and insurance. Should add $25 or so. Gavin - I miss that reel every time I see one. I am sure you are taking excellent care of it..
  17. Made in 1982 by Stan - unfished, unmounted, with original leather bag - $2500 firm.You can contact me at my email for more pictures - ozarkflyfisher@gmail.comPayment via personal check or cashier's check.Thanks kindly for looking in.. Cheers, Brian
  18. I started tying this pattern some time ago. To me it is all about the legs. Bill Skilton makes the legs. Ant / Beetle legs. I use the Reg size in black, brown, or green. Just yesterday I added the little yellow dot. Make sure to glue the top and bottom to hold the legs. I use Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails. Recipe : Hook - sz 16 TMC 100SPBL Thread - black or brown or red 8/0 Body - cylinder foam in black or brown to match size of ants Legs - Skilton's Ant / Beetle legs, Reg size in black, brown or green Optional yellow dot - yellow foam sliced thin and glued to top This post has been promoted to an article
  19. This ant still has strength to this day... it kills.. tie it and try it!
  20. Submitted by Brian Shaffer. May 25, 2013
  21. Shep Hills hatchery did try cutts one time back in the day.. it last a minute. We probably cannot afford to do something like Tiger trout .. imagine the cost to buy just the eggs ? When I did work at the hatchery they had purchased some 4,000 eggs from out west and they only produced a few hundred fish after all the stages .. one day I left and there were 36 and the following day, there were only 8. The same day 6 died.. the next day - the indoor pen was moved so I am sure they were fish food. It was kind of cool to walk into the spawn building everyday and see those fish... but they were too wild to be kept in a confined environment. The day they had 8 .. those fish were swimming around in such a crazy way.. they would inadvertently bonk their heads in an effort to get out.
  22. I was just informed that the boat will not, I repeat NOT go upstream.
  23. My folks rode one on a trip with a tour bus company and the jet boat loaded up all these older retired people into a boat to fly up the Colorado. Needless to say - they all got soaked and no one was pleased about it - my Dad was ultra mad because the driver kept making those turns that cause the water to rooster tail up and then he would drive it. Cold water.. no life jackets .. everyone very angry. I think this is a horrible idea for Taney and I bet it doesn't last.
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