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  1. Had a client help me break a 6'6" Avid ultra lite yesterday. Called St. Croix and was told a replacement was not available and no idea when there would be one. They said to look online and just forget it and buy a new one. There are absolutely none anywhere.
  2. When I took them they didn't need to be shown, just given the chance. They were good fishermen from Minnesota, and yes we are always trying to find a better bait to keep them catching fish. Its usually nice when you let them use it however and don't stand there catching a fish cast after cast. 🤔
  3. I really don't know. Both the jig bite and scud bite died out on me this morning by 8 and the traffic was lite. They are on the power worm below Fall Creek, but the quality is pretty shaky. Growth rate in the hatchery must be off a bit as the fresh fish were extremely uneven, some at 12" and some as small as 7". Phil and Duane were out with a camera crew early this morning and looked to be doing very well in the restricted zone. Don't know what on, but guessing straight line jigs
  4. Willyfish I agree, the fuss was he only played 3 kids besides the starters with some of the starters getting 6 AB’s. Lots of kids sitting on that bench would have had something to remember their entire lives getting to play when your up 16 to 2. Your preaching to the choir to me, I was however speaking to 3 guys that were there this morning, out of Lilleys. They are season ticket holders and they thought it was the wrong thing to do. They said coach Van Horn would have been in a fight on the field if someone would have run it up on him like that. They said it was fun for a while an
  5. What a great past week we had even with an extremely low flow, clear 48 degree water and just about the maximum tolerable limit of fishing pressure. Our trout performed like Champions. Restricted Zone; Tan, Grey or UV Scuds were trout food dejure this past week. With the slower flow size 14 and even 16 were the bugs to have hanging from the string. 8 to 10 ft. was plenty of depth under the float. I will say that Peppy grey was by far the top dog. Roland Duffield just hammered them. Thanks again Roland for the goodie box. Another big biter was a 1/80th. Lilleys brown or
  6. I know what your thinking, but the national media including ESPN and D1 baseball don’t agree. I’m a big Dave Van Horn fan but he has had Pissing matches with at least 3 different SEC coaches this year about proper baseball etiquette and then drops 21 in a Super. I’m telling you right now, Nobody is feeling a bit sorry for the hogs except us followers. Back to day boxes. Carry on.
  7. If your worried about a measly $150 for an oil change, don’t buy a Volvo, BMW Lexus, Audi or Mercedes. Once a year fitness check on my wife’s Mercedes depending on if an A or B service runs either $300 or $600. They do however give her a complimentary car for the day and all the pastry’s and drinks she wants while she waits🤪🤩🤣
  8. My best friend just bought a diesel GMC Denali 3/4. Took 4 months to get it, and it cost double of what your buddy got his Chevy for. He had to order it out of Illinois. On the drive home from the dealer back to Camdenton, Mo. he said he didn’t push it and it got exactly 35 mph. over the road empty. He just retired and the Denali was a gift to himself. 67 years old and the first new truck he ever bought. It’s a beauty and friggin loaded.
  9. Wish the Back's would have taken some better swings yesterday. I'm a huge Hog baseball fan but hanging 21 on NCS was probably not the thing to do. Made the entire country mad at them.
  10. Didn't he get another DQ, somewhere for a navigation violation that did not even pertain to fishing? If I remember correctly he has had two DQ's.
  11. We have had extreme high water with no movement for at least 3 weeks now. All the influx and agriculture run off out of the Kings river prior to the stagnation is really hard in the water down stream From Shell Knob. Same deal up the James or any of our River supply systems. Lets keep this water moving. We got to move it move it.
  12. High levels of E.coli have been detected on the beach lake and marina area. Guided over there Tuesday and the water quality was just terrible, probably the worst water I have seen on the Rock. Dirty brown, yellow with streaks of green.
  13. Client I took trout fishing today went with a TR Guide on Wednesday. Said the guide simply hammered them on a deep crank while they sat there dangling crawlers. Not real impressed with their day with him, but good info on the lake crank bait bite for the rest if us.
  14. I believe Mitch pointed it out that Kevin spends lots if time on this cranking system. Kevin even pointed out he spends a huge amount of time turning his baits. Said right on the air they had to run Absolutely Perfect to work.
  15. The Extra Heavy new Cara is 1/3rd. Lighter than the Expert, if you can believe that. I think I have some on order
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