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  1. Glad we all demonstrated how little we know about this lake!
  2. Is artistic work on baits is awesome! Glad he is doing well and I pray God blesses him with excellent health.
  3. Great to see everyone today! Thank you for the great food and friendship! This is my favorite tournament of the year! Hope to see you all on the water! Stinger160 and I used a bluff pattern with Rock Crawlers and Wiggle Warts. Water was 53-54 degrees.
  4. Well....postponed until tomorrow due to generation and high winds
  5. Yes. I did the jerkbait seminar with Randy and Jonny this winter. Really good seminar
  6. Please see your PMs. Can I have a moderator delete this post? It is no longer available. My father posted 10 years ago.
  7. Great day! Love the aggressiveness of the spotted bass. Thank you for sharing your day.
  8. I just recieved email about 2021 season! Let's go! Ready for a great season of fishing!
  9. Merry Christmas to All the OAF fishermen and fisherwomen!
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