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  1. Maybe they have been caught so many time their teeth have been ripped out. The had to become vegans, hence the flavor.
  2. Good tasting fish does not need brined, sauted, smoked, or capered. A little butter for cooking and maybe a little lemon to cut the fishy taste for those that don't like fish.
  3. Those were empty boxes, the area where I store them.
  4. Fresh swarm this afternoon. Another hive. Some of my Feral Bees have come home to roost.
  5. But then there is the argument that alcohol is necessary to deal with society today. The special interest minority groups that want to make the world like their tainted way. The insane perversion that everyone wants to see how stupid we can be on TV or the Net. The lack of ethics and morals that have polluted society. So many people thinking that everyone owes them something for nothing and the lack of drive to succeed on your own power. The reliance on the Government to give you all you need to survive instead of finding ways to lessen the Government and make individuals pull the o
  6. Thats something that you don't see much anymore. Tobacco growers. Back in the 80's in West Kentucky, there were fields of it everywhere and barns for drying. They are all gone now.
  7. Its a good thought. But my mind has been changed by the commercial keeper that supplied me with my refresh bees this spring. Many beekeepers are thinking like us and avoiding the treatment. Its mites are spreading to the wild and other beekeepers. His thoughts are we all should treat and maybe make things stronger. He also mentioned the genetics and keeping a good genetic profile in your hives. He has selected his genetics and breeds for mite biting to cripple the pests. You have to keep bringing a fresh queen into the hive every few years to keep the genetic trait strong in your h
  8. European Honey bees were brought over on the Mayflower and are not native. Native bees are smaller and not honey builders. Or Mason or Bumble Bees which are larger. Mason bees are a pest, bumble bees are getting scarce. European Honey bees flourished and spread well. The swarming from beekeepers kept them going and spreading thru the USA as they moved west. But, the beekeepers brought mites in and the African Hive Beetles. The same scourges that plague the beekeeper have spread to the feral bees in the wild. But they are there. I have hives out at the farm, but all of my d
  9. Snowflakes draw flies, so stands to reason. They are all full of Fbook s it
  10. Look at the price of groceries lately, going up and up.
  11. Yep. No super rooster tails anywhere. Its my river spinner bait.
  12. Turmoil in the middle east has picked up. Biden is pandering to Iran again like they did during Obummer admin. Israel and Iran are on the brink of war because of our perceived lack of support for them again. Climate change reform always affects our oil production and makes OPEC stronger.
  13. That's the petro shortage caused by the Cold Snap down south. Went to buy fertilize for the field at the farm, none to be found. Nitrates and Urea shortage. People are on a spending spree like I have never seen. And retail is cashing in on it. And manufacturing too. Its a total sh t show right now. And the only thing to blame is the Covid.
  14. The government is pumping trillions of dollars into the economy and interest rates are nil. And people are spending it like its going out of style. They don't care what it costs. The fortunate many that sit around collecting it have decided that they don't need to work. They can draw unlimited unemployment, forgo their rent, take their stimulus checks for themselves and kids, and sit around spending on worthless crap. Meanwhile, the jobs they had remain unfilled, production is down. Low income factory workers, field hands, laborers, lumber yard workers, and many other employees are h
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