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  1. Anyone do a wellness check on him yet?
  2. Parker is in the restricted zone. Anything above 2 Rivers where Jacks Fork runs in is 25 hp or less. Big Springs to 2 Rivers, Max 40 HP all year. Below Big Spring, Rocket Ships are allowed. Above 2 Rivers, 15 Hp or 25 Hp depending on season. Parker is marginal water for floating. I would not run a jet boat there in normal summer flows of any size to fish.
  3. I am trying to figure a way to get rid of this little female doggy in mine without the neighbors dogs coming home with a bloody foot and choke marks around their neck.
  4. Is he already polished out or still in velvet? Pic fuzzy. Massive rack for a young buck.
  5. I took fencing as one of my PE electives in college. Why not, a little sword fight tactics may come in handy some day! Fun class, but we had the little rubber tips and cheap padded suits with the hood not much thicker than what I work bees with now.. You could feel the hits. Times have changed. And now, you can't make fun of Gay things. LGBTQRS ones will take offense. But I do think its a French sport.
  6. Not many golfers are real fishermen. Just someone that sees some food while chasing white balls.
  7. Once the fishing goes to crap on a small stream because too many people are fishing it, yeah, people mostly stop fishing it, and a few years later maybe it's back to being pretty good. So what? In the meantime, it sucks. And worse, as has been pointed out over and over, the landowners have gotten tired of all the nimrods showing up to fish it, and have closed off access. THEN it gets good but only for the landowners. Not really. The water table has dropped, pressure has declined the fish population, and the world has become a not better place.
  8. The Pocket Fisherman was legendary. It set the way for the many piece rods we have today. Whoever thought of traveling with something that catches fish so small and keeping it close so we could do so. He made us think "small". Hats off to him, RIP with many Kudos.
  9. D Crap, all I got was a good memory and a fishin trip. You have cool stuff there too....
  10. Looking like the same pattern we started picking up on last year in Stockton. Glad to see MDC is starting to produce something worthwile.
  11. Did you call them? He may be the response guy.
  12. I fished Stockton a few weeks ago with my buddy in his Triton Bass boat. He had 2 Lowrance HDS units, but he never runs them. I clicked them on and spotted the Shad Balls and had some sense of depth we were fishing in new water to me. It helps. But, as in all addictions, there is the overkill.
  13. With his diligence on this forum, I fear the Covid and his other ailments may be wearing him down. When he went thru radiation, he asked me for a few pointers. His health has been declining for a while. Slipping piece by piece. Hopefully, we will hear from him soon.
  14. I know u meant to say as......... s s s
  15. Parker Access is below Ashley Creek. The Old Parker Family Homestead. Access off YY south of Montauk
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