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  1. I should have stayed till Monday. They were still shaking off that front on Sunday.
  2. Probably met them on ramp as we were going out. Talked to some crappie tourney guys. Motel had bass tourny boats too that had a tough day.
  3. Careful, you will shoot your eye out with that thing. Hopefully you got a wake boat with your shot.
  4. Left Stockton at 13:00 fishless. Drove to Pomme on Hwy 13. Caught a few fish finally. Nice day. Nothing pic worthy.
  5. My purchase at Academy was $13 even in Rolla after a fine lunch at Sirloin Stockade. We dodged rain all day here, boat still dry. Fished out of Roark till dark, lots of shad balls after wind died before dark. No fish yet. Stayed in room 113 last nite. What could go wrong if you believe in superstitions?
  6. A cute 40 year old? Are you gettin blind too. 40 is all wrinkled and ugly, shoot for something younger... Gots to die happy, thats my goal
  7. Wifey and I started to tour a cave one time a few years back. There was a wait, it was primitive and you had to carry little rechargeable lanterns. I looked at the herd posted for the next round. "Do you want to get trapped with them and have to survive?" We walked away. Not one of them looked tasty and the rounds going off would have rung my bell too many times.
  8. All I have here is the worthless boletes. Tons of them.
  9. Ammo and reloading supplies are coming back online. I was able to pick up dies, bullets, primers, and powder to reload for my .350 Legend this week. I could buy most any ammo I need with a little looking. Prices adjusted for current metal inflation.
  10. Ran thru a crop of them today on the job. Not a sign of fruit. Most were little bushes along a branch that were less than 10-12' tall.
  11. Put a booster rocket on it for additional lift..
  12. It was early Sept after Labor Day. Lots of bushes, no fruit. We have been watching for several years now since my buddies Uncle started raising them in an orchard near Joplin. He brings some along on each trip. Not something my radiated taste buds like.
  13. That is a rare one. We have jetted by many paw paw patches this summer and none have any fruit on them in the 11pt River. Several grow in the fence rows along the lanes at the farm, but they never bear fruit. Not sure if it gets eaten early by critters or they are just barren.
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