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    Ron Burgundy reacted to merc1997 Bo in benefit tournament   
    a buddy of mine begged me to come out of retirement and fish a benefit tournament out of h highway.  i was not really enthused about it, but the benefit was for a good cause.  well, we won first and i had big bass with a 6.34.  caught about a dozen keepers total.  caught all of them on a 1/2 Elite GrassJig with out new PB&J skirt buzz cut.  for a trailer, you had to have something with flapping legs.
    caught everything on dead gravel flats that had submerged brush in 5 to 8 ft. of water.  these bass are hanging the top of the bushes waiting ambush shad.  with that said, one would think spinner bait, but over the years, i have found a jig crashing through the bush and then dropping it will get them to just knock slack in your line.  this technique of course requires a jig that will come right through the cover without hanging up.  it also will catch better quality.  even if you can see the bush, dabbing in it to not get snagged will not get them.  you have to smack the bush.  and, as i stated the bass are not at the bottom of the bushes, but hanging in the tops of them.
    i think i will go back into retirement while on top😀.

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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Terrierman in Fish report, I guess...   
    Dave it's so good to see you back down here and reporting again.  I don't know about anybody else but I missed you.  
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    Ron Burgundy reacted to fishinwrench in Jimmy and Roland   
    There are several guys that, as they have aged a bit, are now pushing the christian angle so heavily that it is sickening.   Jimmy Houston., Hank Parker, and several other famous fishermen should just go ahead and become televangelists now, because they have more religious based content falling out of their mouths than fishing based content these days.  
    Obviously seeking a sponsorship that they fear they haven't quite secured yet.  🙄 
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    Ron Burgundy reacted to fozzype in Garmin Force Footpedal   
    BOAT Wrx in Springfield is a great bunch!
    They are helping me by letting me use their pedal in stock and swap them out when I get mine from Garmin!
    They have gained a customer for life!
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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Alex Heitman in no one downstream??   
    Nice big smallie. I’ve been down for last two days and no one was fishing by the dam yesterday but today was different story. Lots of bass boats and big boats. We caught some really nice fish the last few days on crank baits. My dad even caught a 2 lb rainbow trout today on a rock crawler which was odd. We had two K’s and a meanmouth pushing 4lbs the last few days. Good to be back out on the water. It’s been a while.
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    Ron Burgundy got a reaction from nomolites in Need Help   
    I really like my 12” bird with mega imaging .

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    Ron Burgundy got a reaction from 3DHUSKER in Need Help   
    I really like my 12” bird with mega imaging .

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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Quillback in 3/27/21 Report   
    Thanks for the report - the downside of nice weather is the water skiers start appearing.
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    Ron Burgundy got a reaction from BilletHead in Need Help   
    I really like my 12” bird with mega imaging .

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    Ron Burgundy reacted to bfishn in TR Generators   
    Since our grid can't store a month's worth of juice, their statement could've been clearer. Better to say they powered >400,000 homes for the week that they ran. Still a great thing, even a 2hr blackout on Mon or Tues would've put me in a bind... thankfully, it never came. 
    Prediction; In the last week, WR tailwaters have become the river they once were... The remaining real rivers will see some snowmelt influx, but nothing compared to the blast down the White. Roaming fish that spent the winter deep midlake have likely already made the choice of where to run for the year and are on their way to the party. The first flush of stored water in this deep freeze will be the warmest water around too. Perfect storm.
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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Dutch in Forsyth Feburary   
    That doesn’t bode well for the average Joe on bad days if Buster is having trouble.
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    Ron Burgundy reacted to abkeenan in KC   
    Who told you that?
    The first rule of my platinum membership is that we don't talk about the platinum membership. 
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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Lance34 in No better time than now   
    @Ron Burgundy
    Yes..  Plan to do the one coming up at the end of the month.
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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Lance34 in Past 3 weekends crappie fishing   
    Past three weekend trips have been a grind.  Fished few weekends ago from sun up to sun down.  Took all day to get there but boy were they some good ones.  
    Fish still seem to be holding out in 13 to 15 fow of water.  I’m not catching many shallow like in previous years...  Also catching a ton of little ones this year than I ever have it seems.  
    Last week it rained so took off to cleaner water and didn’t do very good at all.  Fished in the snow and caught one crappie.  Should of just took off.
    Got out Saturday about 10 and fished till dark.  The water was brown.  Look perfect to me.   Mark fish from 17 to 12 fow. Most were in the 15 foot hanging around the bottom to about 12 feet deep when I started.  I fished about 10 to 13 foot deep and was getting dinked.  I probably caught well over 30 little ones.  I started noticing as the day progressed and the sun got over head more, the bigger fish were moving up higher in the column by themselves.  They are up there for only one reason.  To eat...  So I raised my lines up high in the column like 3 to 7 feet down over 15 fow.  That’s all it took to get them.  Experienced that a lot in previous years when the lake would get muddy or brown.  They would come up crazy high.  Sometimes your bait just has to be a foot under the surface.  Knew to look for that but it’s a time of day deal and have some sun light.   
    Hopefully the bite will get better and not be so much of a grind with some stable weather.  God bless and good fishing Lance 

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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Devan S. in COE Ramp permits   
    Just a follow up on this. I sent the COE an email last week asking what all they needed to get me a pass. Had a voicemail on my phone from them. 
    Called back this morning and the lady in the office just took my CC information over the phone and they will mail out my pass today. Easy Peasy.
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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Devan S. in COE Ramp permits   
    I should have just looked it up. Thanks for the heads up to both of you. 
    First sentence says it all: "Day Use Fees are once again being collected throughout USACE" 
    I have been awfully darn lucky the last 2-3 months or more then. 
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    Ron Burgundy reacted to vernon in Fiberglass Repair   
    Oh yeah - that sounds easy enough.😧
    You lost me at "acquire some paint and flake to match"!🤦‍♂️
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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Bill Babler in motor guide tour pro   
    Understand but that lock is really valuable when tying in the wind and waves. It also saves baits locking the boat up when you have the old hound dog out
    I'm spoiled. 
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    Ron Burgundy reacted to LD Fisher in Caught a few, got almost all into the boat!   
    The wife and got out about 1:00 to troll and enjoy the beautiful day.  We started catching a few around 3:30 and then things got a little nuts!
    You know your getting old when you can't hold a fish up to have a picture taken 😆

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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Lance34 in No better time than now   
    Got out Saturday about 10 and fished till dark.  I just love this time year.  I like to sleep in and fish till dark.  Started out in 15 fow rigging brush pile to brush pile.  Wasn’t really having the success like the previous trips.  Mostly catching little ones and wasn’t feeling that’s where I needed to be.  So went back to what I’ve done previous times this time of year when the WT drops and moved into shallower water.   Started in 12 to 10 fow range.  Right on the ledge.  My outside left poles side seemed to be still more in the 13 plus range while my right side poles where in the 10 foot range.  Those 10 foot range picked off more my fish.  If I had to do it again.  Think I would fish 8-10.  It’s been like since 2017/2018 winter season that this pattern works because ever since late winter of 2018 the water level has been higher and you wouldn’t have the clean water to rig.  Meaning you would be more in the bushes.   2016/2017 and part of 2017/2018 winters I caught them crazy shallow.  Like 5-7 feet.  It’s a slower process and a challenge. Gotta move slow, try and be as quiet as you can.  Benefits to have 16 to 20 foot poles for this pattern to not spook them.  This is my favorite pattern to fish and been hoping the lake stays down or even gets lower.   Those big females move there and just lay there with their bellies in the mud.  You might not catch a limit but you’ll catch some toads.  
    Ended with 11 good ones.  WT 41-44..  Stained clarity 
    God bless and good fishing Lance 

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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Phil Lilley in 12/5 Tucker   
    Put in at Tucker Hollow at noon today.  Headed to Bear to find some brush.  I found some - and fish on the piles - but my jigs weren't interesting to them.  I caught on 14 incher off one and another 12 incher off pole timber against a bluff.  Water 51 degrees.  Nice day!!

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    Ron Burgundy reacted to Dutch in Cape Fair 11/17   
    I fished from 10-2 up river above Pt 15.  I threw spinner baits, brush hogs, Ned Rigs and zeros.  I only had 8 bites, all on zeros, and managed to catch 7 of them.  However only 2 would measure.  One of them was 4 1/2#.   Zero colors that worked were green pumpkin, watermelon red and dirt.  The water was typical James River off color and ranged from 55 to 60°.

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    Ron Burgundy got a reaction from abkeenan in FOX Sports to air live coverage of all Elite events, Classic in 2021   
    Christie just announced he’s going back to the elites.
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    Ron Burgundy got a reaction from Daryk Campbell Sr in Mr Crappie weigh-in   
    Yes they caught fish  2 of the 3 were Livescope vertical pole timber with 1/32 to 1/8 jigs and hair jigs and other guys were dock shooting . Those guys were from LOZ . I had never done any dock shooting so that was neat to watch man they were accurate!....the monsoon those guys prefished in really hindered them from showing off some nice TR crappie that swim in that lake. One team that was fishing Kings were on 1.5 lb average during prefishing but when they got their day one a huge floating debris mat was over their  spot....that be a sick sight to see as you round the bend after driving from State Park !
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    Ron Burgundy got a reaction from magicwormman in Mr Crappie weigh-in   
    I’m not sure quill they had three camera boats out filming...I served as a Marshall for this event, I had a great time , 2 of 3 the boats I was in ran to above cape fair , the other went in Long Creek....one team ran all the way up into Kings River, we launched from State Park....maybe check Mr.Crappie YouTube channel they may run them there not sure. 
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