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  1. Cool video! We’ve got a mouse that lives in our compost bin. Wife said get rid of him but I said he’s just a mouse being a mouse and not hurting anything. Now we’re losing garden stuff to mice so it’s gonna have to stop.
  2. ness

    2021 Garden Thread

    When I moved out here (west side) in 1990 it was a lot different. We built this house in 2000, but before they developed this neighborhood it was a wheat field. I brought my babies here to show them what a wheat field looked like. A friend of mine used to hunt quail along the fence line at the back of my property, and we used to find shells back there until we cleaned it all up. 30 years is a long time, but it boggles my mind the development out here. Our old vet owned land a little west of the SW corner of I-435 and 87th Street in Lenexa. He told me where I could find the key to the gate so I could run my Brittany out there. Here it is now. I used to park on Renner and go in where the Lofts are:
  3. ...and Fernwood 2 Night, Everybody Loves Raymond
  4. ness

    2021 Garden Thread

    Just watched a squirrel run along the top of the fence with a green tomato in its mouth. Almost got a picture of it but no go. Dang it!
  5. ness

    Whatchya Drinking?

    The bourbon section at the likker store just gets my head spinning these days. Soooo much new stuff, and I wonder what's just over priced junk with a good label/name and what's good. Haven't had any brown likker in the house in months but if I get in the mood I'll look for Dirty Tub, or whatever it's called
  6. I like that, but the whole time I'm wondering 'what's for supper?'
  7. ness

    Whatchya Drinking?

    Thanks for reviving this thread in these desperate times Now, what about the name 'Old Tub'?? I need to talk to their marketing department, stat. And, 'unfiltered' just makes it worse.
  8. Oh boy, an argument! Where's @oneshot
  9. ness

    Photo thread

    We had several stays there and loved it too. When I heard it was sold I called Richard in Wichita. He was clearly sad that it all was over but knew it had to be. They had an arrangement to sell the place to the park when they couldn't keep it up anymore. That arrangement went back decades. Grace died and the grandkids preferred cashing out to running a place in CO. I would have seriously considered bailing on everything here and taking it up... if I had the opportunity. We swung by a couple years ago for old times sake. They did put a plaque on the big rock in the middle to commemorate the family and history: Don't think there will ever be anything like it again.
  10. ness

    Photo thread

    Look, I can only do so much for the Dallases. I tipped you off to an affordable option years ago. Why you pass on that and try and shimmy the whole family under the fence to a place that’s so far out of your price range baffles me. Try a payday loan and book this again:
  11. ness

    Photo thread

    So, you snapped these pics as security dragged you out on your face?😀
  12. You and your buddy should just calm down, accept the new rules, and quit grumbling. Maybe take a break? 🤪 So, where’s @oneshot?
  13. Well, last I looked there were sub forums for food, photography, gardening and general chat. If you think they’re so annoying just don’t read and quit posting to them too. Or contact the site owner and let him know you’d like a change.
  14. This reminds me of our crazy neighbor who used to try to stir up trouble at every turn. I had to keep telling my kids, ‘Just ignore them. All they want is the reaction—don’t give it to them.’ Out.
  15. Me too. I’ll set up a Zoom meeting. 😄
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