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  1. Missouri Department of Conservation finds group overhunting squirrels (ky3.com)
  2. This is pretty neat. Thanks for sharing and picking op the trash
  3. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Thanks John, The braise and chili sauce out of my gifted Pheasant, quail, cottontail book 😉.
  4. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    Saturday afternoon taco salad bar, We will start with the meat prep. It will be barbacoa. A mexican preperation, a simple braise with herbs and spices. We will be using game in the braise. A dozen old tough squirrles. After the long cook it will be so tender. Picked off the bone I netted 3 lbs and 2 oz. Some fat needed to be added. Recipe calls for lard or vegetable oil. I'm going with a healthy option of goose fat. Just worked it into the meat with gloved hands. Makes the meat silky and moist. The broth was retained and yesterday I put together a wild rice soup including a big hand full of the picked meat. So this morning we made a chili sauce. Three types of dried chilis, a big onion, garlic, a bit more goose fat and water. After that was all prepped and simmered soft it was blended. S&P, lime juice to taste. More easy stuff with lots of flavor and just a little heat creeping in late. So now to the meal. Choice of anything you want on your chips of choice.. I crushed some tortilla chips. On this was shredded lettuce and cilantro. Then some red onion, a layer of meat crisped up in a skillet and a sprinkle of cheese. Then some of the mornings prepared chili sauce. Some lime juice squeezed on. A barley pop washed it down nicely. Lots of meat left for something else. Lots of options there.
  5. BilletHead


    Should be a test song! @curtisce
  6. I named one George and one Georgette but now I call them all George and Georgette. They all look the same!
  7. Excited for you guys. When friends come together good things happen!
  8. You know I don't waste meat on squirrel or turkey. Grandma Margot was a Brain eater I am not.
  9. @oneshot or @oneshot 1, Not trying to derail your post. When you want help retrieving or shooting those tasty rodents off your porch give me a call . I'll even help ypu clean them if you do a head shot. No gut shot for me. Lets finish up this cooking deal. Falling off the bone tender I picked the meat. Netted three pounds two ounces. Mixed a bit of fat into it and it is ready to use for a dish or two or three. Strained the broth for later use too. More brazing or as a soup base. I am thinking some wild rice, celery carrots and a hand full of the squirrel for soup at the moment.
  10. I have a cheap small tall cooler I use as a seat with some frozen cold packs in it. Fixed up one for Pat also. As soon as a dove is shot it goes into the cooler. Same thing during the warm teal season. Been putting those birds in it too.
  11. Way to go buddy! Do what you can with what you have. I don't care if it is hot. I clean mine in hot weather in air conditioned shop hanging by a cord over a bucket while sitting in a chair . You can make it easy or hard. Funny you got you one today. I thawed a dozen big old ones. Put them in a dutch oven with herbs and spices with some beef broth. They are now simmering on the stove breaking down. Barbocoa Squirrel baby. Not sure if it will become taco meat, maybe enchilada meat? I can tell you one thing it is going to be good and it smells wonderful in the house. Mrs. BilletHead will come home from work and get a smell and instantly a smile will appear This here is a pile of meat,
  12. Wonderful Rick! Looks like a feedlot shoot they guys had there. Just now cutting corn in my area. Haven't fired a shot yet. First time in 45 years I did not hunt the opener.
  13. Only because you have red bloodshot eyes from staying up so late at night . They like Red and think those fine veins in the whites of your eyes are flower petals. watch out they will poke a hole in your eyes and suck your brains out!
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