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  1. You just can't see their trolling motors at that distance Rick. Everyone is going to spot lock. You know that little anchor icon on that control deal the captain wears around his neck. When he is happy he just pushes that button!
  2. He wasn't there this time so you whipped him back! It counts.
  3. Hey buddy DJ, I want you to pay attention to this report. Tyler did this in the daytime hours. 🤪
  4. I had that pegged years ago. We need a DNA report.
  5. I got a new tee shirt. Would you two like me to have a conversation with your rodent friends? I can tell them we can do it the easy way or hard way. My squirrels understand me and know the consequences.
  6. I know you walk to your own chorus line but no reason to shoot for the stars!
  7. Gentlemen , You have a long way to go. Steve Wozniak's lengthy hunt for fish species (abcactionnews.com)
  8. BilletHead

    What's Cooking?

    May not see it but sounds good. Pass the whole buttered peas please
  9. Well done friend, And get this Curt was sending me pictures almost every day it was torture but I took it like a man!
  10. Rips my heart out hearing this. I can't even imagine your loss. God Bless You and prayers .
  11. Ahhh yes we love our gooseberries. How about this @Terrierman and @Johnsfolly. We have wild ones we mow around in the yard, Then we have a patch of Pixwell Tame gooseberries. It is an old patch now that still puts on many fruit but I really should start a new patch, Then three years ago Planted three Hinnonmaki red gooseberries. They did fruit some last year but did just pick to snack on. They have a hint of grape flavor. This year a great crop. Just waiting for them to turn red. Excited to make some jam out of them, Pat picked some of the pixwell and we stemm
  12. Definitely more tasty. Same with the little wild raspberries, strawberries too.
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