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  1. Great articles RPS! Has been a while since I first read them. Might have been on the old Stockton Lake Forum?? Anyway, back then I tied several harnesses like Chucks. Next time I get to Stockton, I'm gonna try one again. WM
  2. My previous boat was a 24 volt trolling system. I used the Interstate batteries like lmt out and replaced those with the Sam's Club AGM batteries. The Sam's batteries were best, but I only ran those one season before selling the rig. I see they are about $160.00 on their website! Not a battery expert, but have been told higher reserve capacity is more important than cold cranking amps for trolling motor. I also tried to troll with the wind at my back as much as I could with the 24 volt trolling motor. I have Power Pro Depth Hunter metered line on most of my reels for the sam
  3. Great article lmt out! I have been pretty lucky in meeting up with some really good Missouri walleye fishermen through another forum that is defunct now. They helped me a ton and let me hop in their boats to see how it is done. I don't do anything very different from lmt out. One thing he didn't mention when doing that dragging the bouncer on the bottom thing is you need to hold your rod in your hand when doing that. It prevents snags and helps feel the bite. Walleye like to follow your bait. I've found a lot of times they will grab that bait and continue swimming along with it in their mouth.
  4. The wife and I fished April 30th 10:00AM-3:00PM. Found both of our limits on a main lake point in the Big Sac Arm by noon. Had nine keepers and four shorts. On May 1st I fished solo until she joined for lunch at State Park Marina. I caught a limit on points in the Little Sac Arm. She had a couple of shorts, I had three shorts. All keeper fish caught bottom bouncing Slow Death Rigs 16-20 feet of water. Fun trip! WM
  5. Great job! Appreciate the report we will be down next weekend. WM
  6. I had to make a quick trip to Stockton in the cold on Tuesday. This pic is looking north from the Mile Long Bridge. WM
  7. Great Fish! Hope I catch her someday too! WM
  8. Best report I've ever read on TR, Bill! WM
  9. Man, those are some hawgs! We fished Friday and Saturday. Have no idea how many shorts we caught. Lots and lots. Got two keepers in the boat and prematurely released two boat side. Didn't keep any. Had a great time and went through tons of crawlers. We should have moved around a bit to find some keepers, but we were having too much fun catching fish one after the other. Also had a 20" green fish. WM
  10. Nope, just two guys from God's country! LOL! WM
  11. Great fish Trevor! Please tell us how you caught her! WM
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