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  1. If any of you guys would like to see some pictures of these great trout, you can go to my website or my Facebook page. I have a lot of Zig Jig customers that catch them. Pyramid lake is a great fishery and I’m overdue to go back out there!!
  2. Plenty of nice fish being caught, even though the C & R below Bull Shoals is closed. These are pics that my jig customers have sent the last couple weeks and the top two are from today. The top one is a 23” brown.
  3. I can’t make it this year guys.
  4. All the charges were dropped in that sting. A few influential people made all the charges disappear.
  5. The big browns have been biting the last 3-4 days. The big fish was weighed at 12 lbs and was caught in Sunday. The smaller one was Caught today and not weighed. Both of these young guys caught these fish on my Zig Jigs! I have had a lot of folks send me pics of 19”-23” rainbows and browns lately that they have caught on the White below Bull Shoals dam. A buddy of mine caught a 25” brown today but hasn’t sent me the picture yet. I’ve been over a few times and caught some nice fish but none this big. Now it’s bream fishing time!!!
  6. Great idea to put it on the rod you are buying. It will make the rod feel different too. Like it actually will feel while fishing. I keep one of my new rods and a reel on it in my office so people can feel them together when they stop by.
  7. I’ve been a Daiwa guy for a long time. I have fished with friends that had the most expensive Shimano reels they make. They had a lot more line problems than I did and we were using the same line. To the point where he kept Reel Ez to spray on his reels and that didn’t help much. I tried a Pfluger one time and it was heavy and not as smooth as my Daiwas. I like the 2500 and 3000 series reels. They have several good choices in whatever price range you want. i don’t know if it matters to you or not but Shimano did away with anti reverse on their reels a couple years ago and Daiwa still has it. I
  8. The Green River in Utah from my trip in October. I’m not sure hit to get these to be right side up. I threw in a few faith pics too!!
  9. I have the last two days there booked for Tarpon fishing!
  10. I hope everyone made it home ok, especially Seth and DJ heading north. I saw a Seth’s pic of the road!! it was another great Jigfest and again, it was great getting to visit and fish with friends and Zig Jig customers. Cost got stuck fishing with me on the White on Friday. I’ve never been in the river that high and we struggled to catch 4 fish, 2 each. Jeff and I fished together on Saturday and we had a better day in the first 10 minutes!!! I’m like Jeff, I don’t normally count fish. Most of the time it’s to much work. We caught a bunch of really nice rainbows and at least 6-7 cutti
  11. Yes sir, I’ll be there Thursday night
  12. I’ll bring my boat and fish Friday and Saturday for sure. We’ll see about Sunday.
  13. I’ll bring enough bream fillets to have some for appetizers!!!
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