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  1. Open to reasonable offers. See at 494 Stone Road, Kimberling City or give me a call at 417 239 7107. Thanks, Michael
  2. Just curious so I measured the bed... it measures 8 1/2 feet!
  3. mistake .. it is 8'. Thanks, tjm
  4. Hey Wrench: buy this one and have a spare! Michael
  5. 2006 CHEVROLET SILVERADO Z71, single cab, 8 1/2 foot bed, manual 4WD, automatic transmission and 5 L, v8 motor with 147,000 miles.Good condition and well maintained and 2 owners Mechanical condition: good with all components functioning, guages all functional as well as all lights. Replaced this year: battery and oil pressure gauge sending unit. Auto transmission and V8, 5 L. Engine and manual 4WD all functional. Overall a good solid truck. Full off-road and tower packages. Passes inspection. Interior:Very good but has a small tear on the roof liner on drivers side. Driver side elec
  6. www.jigs4bass.com Has Something New! This might be a new jig head, trailer keeper, weight or color pattern but they all have several things in common and that is quality components: Mustad, black nickel hooks, Worth blades and ball bearing swivels, Great colors of silicone jig tabs, powder painted and baked heads and custom craftsmanship in the Ozarks, U.S.A. Ideas for baits and color patterns come from both me and the many anglers I deal with. A particular color or double and triple colors with pattern placement, new componen
  7. jigs4bass Texas Fishing Forum Forums Trading Post - Swap - Classifieds New baits from: www.jigs4bass.com Forums Calendar Active Threads Search Forum Help Main Menu Forum Guidelines/Rules Photo Contest TFF Store Contact/Advertising Texas Hunting Forum
  8. Red ones too at www.jigs4bass.com
  9. Another new one at www.jigs4bass.com
  10. Bladed Jigs : www.jigs4bass.com *Arky head with trailer keeper . * 5/0 Mustad Ultra-point flat eye 2X heavy wire wide gap round bend hook . A 5/0 hook in all weights. *The blade (either painted or with hologram decal) is attached to the jig body by way of a split ring. *The head is powder painted and baked for durability. *The silicone skirt is a full 50 strand count and WIRE TIED ! *With or without weed guard.... your choice! Available in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 oz. weights , with an optional choice for a weed guard and in several great colors wit
  11. Need Football Head Jigs? Whether your jig box is empty or "in need of filling up" just go to www.jigs4bass.com and take a look. Quality, selection and price will impress you . Mustad hooks 60 degree (jigs are 2X heavy wire hooks) Weights available: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2(all with 4/0 hooks) , 3/4 with 5/0 and 1 and 1.5 oz. with 6/0. 50 strand count full skirts secured with an "O" ring and wire tied to eliminate twist and pull downs. Trailer keeper & weed guard. Heads are powder painted and baked for durability. From the powder painted a
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