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  1. too late I just did a transfer myself - left 2 million though for other.
  2. The built in transducer on the Force would not be compatible with other makes of graph. The Echomap Ultra series would be the graph to get. It can be bought without transducer. If you are only going to have one bow graph and getting the Panoptix later, I would recommend the 12 inch screen. I can adequately read a quad screen split with the 12 in. screen.
  3. Travis and Arch, I have rebuilt car engine and built PCs from scratch and could replace the troller in a heart beat. The problem is that doing so adversely effects the warranty. I spent an hour on the phone this afternoon with the area Garmin area rep. arguing about the meaning of their 12 page warranty which is on line. He admitted that the way they setup the warranty was to promote/help the authorized installers/service folks and to discourage owner and nonauthorized dealer installs. He also admits that Active Captain sucks. The mechanical installation is a "piece of cake" but the software can be troublesome. He also believes that the so called "bricking" of the unit during a software upgrade like what happened to me is all but impossible and that there was something else wrong with my unit thus Garmin was so eager to replace it and in fact will be looking at it in the lab when it goes back. I asked since Active Captain may be part of the trouble why did Garmin not add an SD card in the Force like their graphs and like their competitors. He said adding an SD slot would reduce the waterproof rating to an IP 6(?) and the coastal users would not accept that and Garmin caters to this clientele. More to follow in future days likely.
  4. The good news is that Garmin has already shipped a new Force - it will be here tomorrow, no cost to me. The BAD news I just talked to Ulrich - they are 2 plus months out on repairs but I whined and they will get me in in mid August - they have 130 boats awaiting service. Garmin will cover the cost of the repair. If you are wondering why I just don't replace it myself, read on. Some advise regarding the Force: if you are buying new, have it installed by a Garmin approved dealer - the warranty is 3 years versus 1 year if you install it yourself or an unapproved dealer installs it. as Bill said, avoid the software updates or have an approved dealer do it - if it ain't broke, don't fix it (I struggle with this as I like perfection in these kind of things, ,i.e. I had gotten use to the boat backing up when I spot locked but I thought I might as well fix it when I was doing the graph updates - bad decision Now I'm wondering if I want to do anymore graph updates? The one plus out of this - I getting a whole new unit and I think the 3 year warranty starts over. Bobby
  5. Pretty gutsy - I'm impressed I don't understand why they cannot replace the electronic (computer) guts of the Force rather than junk the whole thing - maybe the electronics are so sealed up that you can't get to it.
  6. There are lots of threads in this forum indicating all the positive aspects of the Force trolling motor and Garmin stuff in general including lots of positive comments from me. However, yesterday I just found a big negative. After reading the above comments I decided to do the latest updates on my graphs and troller. The graphs are relatively easy and as usual the update worked just fine. Although I have done updates on the Force a couple of times without incident, this time NOT SO. After the update Active Captain indicated that the new 4.0 version was on the motor, but the motor would not restart. As indicated in previous threads, Garmin support is and was again excellent however the motor was totally ruined in the update -the technical term is "bricked". There is some indication that power to the motor was interrupted during the update. Don't know. According to the Garmin tech because I was going from 3.0 to 4.0 there is actually two upgrades involved which means that the "flashing lights" on the troller needs to happen twice, once for each of the updates. I saw the two sets of flashing lights and thought the process was done. The good news is that Garmin is going to send me a new troller and since the troller was installed at the Ranger factory on my new boat and Ranger is an authorized "dealer" Garmin will pay for the installation work to be performed at Ulrich - also an authorized dealer. So in summary, I still like all the Garmin stuff on my 2021 Ranger Z519 but the troller has been kinda of a pain with latch modifications, software upgrades. Also I had previously posted a noise problem I was having with the Force. Also I wonder how Garmin will handle this kind of issue in the future. My motor is still under warranty - what if it was not - $3000 out of pocket for a new unit because of a software update issue. Also the tech admitted that one of the Active Captain screen prompts is incorrect - telling the user to complete the software update using the Chartplotter which has nothing to do with it. Note to self - PERFORM FORCE SOFTWARE UPDATES WITH THE GARMIN TECH ON THE PHONE so that if it goes south maybe they will pay for it even out of warranty. Also look for an extended warranty. Sorry for the rant but I won't be fishing for a couple weeks I guess. Bo would have said I should have bought the Motorguide. Bobby
  7. I bought one of the CC-6-174. Amistad - very nice - now there should be no reason for me not to catch lots of fish everyday. 😀 Thanks Bill. Bobby
  8. On Android phone use Smart View and if your TV is new enough it will show up in a list and pick it. If not new enough you can buy an add on device for the TV.
  9. Do you know what has been wrong with the Garmin Force???
  10. we already had on buoy lost this yea from a big boat tying up to it.
  11. A neighbor just got a Malibu M240. The boat has this blower contraption on the lower transom that shoots out horizontal and 6 computer controlled ballast tanks. $225k.
  12. Gramin says 6 inches. I have more than that. On the 50 inch shaft I'm not sure how one could have less than about 6 inches because at least than about 6 inches the motor head would not be in full contact with it's support in the stowed position. For those considering a new Garmin install consider the longer shaft length in that if you add a turret for the Live Scope transducer mount you need clearance to the prop so it does not hit the transducer. Also on my Ranger Z19 the 50 inch shaft is just barely long enough so it does not come out of the water in big waves.
  13. Randy, I could only lift it slightly due to the location of the Live Scope turret above the prop . It did seem to reduce the sound previously described. I wonder now if the sound is always there and not normally noticed but in my particular setup the sound is somehow amplified. Bobby
  14. So is the Cape Fair area particularly Bridgeport to Woolly all trashed up again from the recent downpours?
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