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  1. Good for you,Thanks for the report.
  2. Nice fish,Thanks for the report. Not many things better than spending a day in a boat with your son.
  3. mikeak


    I like them smoked
  4. Thanks,I quit taking the local paper and have not read any of Larry's articles in a year or so. I always found him interesting and to tell the truth I would take his word over the MDCs. Thanks again
  5. One would think so,but I would'nt dare to presume to know what the corps is thinking.
  6. Stockton Lake, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1 hr BEACHES and FISHING DOCKS: Closed CAMPSITES (with estimated end of closure dates): Cedar Ridge T1-T12 is closed through July 4, 2019. Crabtree Cove A30 -A35, B3-B13 & T1-T4 is closed through July 4, 2019. Hawker Point A1-A14, B1-B20 is closed through July 4, 2019. C17 & C18 is closed through June 26, 2019. Ruark Bluff East A1-A16, A31-A35, B5-B37, T1-T6 is closed through July 4, 2019. B38-B45 is closed through June 26, 2019
  7. mikeak


    This fron Kris Nelson ,Tandem fly outfitters June 10 at 11:40 AM Walleye bite is still excellent on points in 25-30ft of water. We have been catching them on a 1/8th white Jakked Baits shooter head. Fished from 3:30 to 8:30pm yesterday I'm waiting for a couple clear days to go up,Like to go for more than a day. Just spooled up some leadcore,anxious to try it.
  8. Stockton Lake, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Update on closures at Stockton Lake Beaches: Closed Fishing Docks: Closed Ramps: - OTS Closed - Courtesy Docks pulled at Mutton Creek North Access, Hawker Point, Crabtree Cove - High Point and Greenfield are available to launch but no dock is available. - Masters, Cedar Ridge South, Ruark Bluff, and Stockton Ramps are open. No fees are being charged. Campsites (Closed through June 26th but may be extended depending on the lake elevation): - Orleans Trail South C Loop 13-20, D Loop 26-36 - Ruark
  9. Flicker shads on sale now at Scheels,jointed on sale also. Just ordered another bunch https://www.scheels.com/p/berkley-flicker-shad/8950-1285348.html
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