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  1. So what do you suppose that 3/19 sticker is all about.
  2. I’m sure that he is opposite of anything that is posted.
  3. Do a lot of kayakers have one. I have seen a lot of them in yaks that are not very visible in some very sketchy spots, like away from the bank on blind corners or paddling down the middle of the lake. I have nearly run over one guy at Stockton who has a custom, beautiful, wood yak that is nearly perfectly camouflaged with the background of wood and rocks that is prevalent down there. Once in a while I see someone in a brightly colored one or wearing bright clothing. Even a few of them have flags that are highly visible. I’m really surprised that we don’t have more boat/yak collisions
  4. Have you considered aluminum covered with sea deck? I built an aluminum deck extension for a Lowe. It worked great.
  5. It looks like your weather is better than ours. It is 54° and raining at my house.
  6. Dutch

    Cheap Gas

    I’m a believer in Mercury Quickleen. When I bought my Opti from Charlie Luna, Fred U. told me to run it in every fillup. That was when guys were blowing them regularly. I used it in my 2002 225 Optimax and ran like I stole it trouble free for 14 years. It costs me an additional $.25 per gallon. I’m sure that I didn’t spend near as much on it as a new power head would have cost me.
  7. My neighbor and I went back to Stockton at mid day yesterday. We fished the same places that we fished last time. There were fish in the area but not as many and not as big. We fished from 1-6 pm. We caught 26 bass with 4 keepers and 1 nice eye. The places where we caught 45 last trip only produced 20. We fished 2 other areas and got 3 from each one. Only only one smallmouth appeared to still have eggs everything else looked spawned out. The surface temps showed 63-65°. We didn’t use anything but Ned. The mud minnow and hot snakes were very effective.
  8. That’s pretty cool. I would never have expected them to be together. BTW: Your battery level is extremely low.
  9. Is this the product to which you were referring? https://www.jannsnetcraft.com/wire-forming-tools/d-barb-hook-cutter-remover.aspx One of the guys who fishes with me gets deep hooked fish and can’t remove it. I have to do it for him.
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