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  1. Did you find you a rod builder?
  2. We used to go to Rockaway every Saturday morning, get there before dawn, catch trout, head home and have them for breakfast. That was good eating.
  3. Nice looking trout. Do you C&R or eat?
  4. Mill Creek down by KC or Campbell Point?
  5. Wow heck of a string for any time of the year. Congrats
  6. We wound up catching 34 but only 2 were bonafide keepers. A couple of others would have been measured before going back if there had been a monetary reason involved. I’m hoping for half that today as the boss will be today’s passenger and she doesn’t fish any longer.
  7. So that’s where the keepers are. My neighbor and I fished between Cape Fair and Thompson on Tuesday. We caught fish on plastics all day long but keepers were rare.
  8. So how did it go for you on Wednesday? I’m heading down in about an hour.
  9. Cape Fair clarity is just the way I like it, about 2’ of visibility, It was a plastic dink fest for us.
  10. I’m heading down there this morning. I think I will go down to start.
  11. I guess none of the locals are on here now.
  12. Yes they had one. That is where we locals met tourist girls.
  13. I was at Stockton Lake yesterday and could see a little change in the water color around Rouark Bluff. The Sacs were running muddy from the recent rain. I know Springfield and Ozark got quite a bit of rain also. I believe Cassville did as well so Flat may be rolling. Has the James been muddied up? If so has it reached Cape Fair yet?
  14. Cope Marine at Reeds Spring and Whites Marine at Pittsburgh are the two area dealers. I don’t know about the current situation but it used to be the case that Lunds weren’t ordered with a trailer. The trailer was ordered separately from a different company. If it were me I would ask them about buyers who live on the lake and don’t have a need for a trailer. Lots of people have trailers setting around with the boat in a slip.
  15. Thanks for the info. I’m heading down there next week. I’ll have to give it a try.
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