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  1. They are Red Lobster garlic biscuits.
  2. I’m just curious. I’ve seen a lot of posts about them and repairs on this site over the years. I’m wondering what you guys run and your experience with them. I personally am a Mercury fan. I ran a 225 Optimax for 14 trouble free years. I am now running a 250 Verado that is in its 6th year. All it has had is oil, filter, and fuel changes along with lower unit service and this year spark plugs. I have owned 4 Evinrudes and one Johnson. I blew 3 of the Rudes and the Johnson.
  3. Monday we decided to see if there were any spinnerbait, chatterbait, or square bill shallow bass. About 3 hours that had me going nuts. We had some short hits but no fish. We hit several brush piles with jigs and no bites. We switched to shaky and had a few bites with a couple of fish. I decided to go fish the wind so we headed to a windy bluff. It produced 6 of our 8 bass, 4 of them nice keepers, and one dinner guest. It was too choppy for on the water pics. The guest was 22 inches long and just shy of 4#. Zeros in California craw and the Deal were the best producers.
  4. You took the words right out of my mouth.
  5. Dutch

    Fresh Oysters

    Wow you guys eat some nasty looking stuff. What animals compete with you for it?
  6. Be careful of what you are asking. You might wind up with a forty year old former defensive tackle.🙃
  7. My daughter has been working in Guernsey WY. She is headed for Casper. She had to hire some guys to shovel her rent car out this morning.
  8. Just move to your lake home by yourself and you can have it your way.
  9. Looks like a lmb to me.
  10. Watch out for black bears.
  11. That’s not true. The second amendment was decades before the Civil War.
  12. Yes sir. I try to at least twice a week.
  13. Isn’t that called sleeping at your desk?
  14. My old job used to do that but my now nonjob puts them on my butt.
  15. I was doing some reading on another site and this was one of the topics. I had never given it any thought. The way people hold them was all over the place so I thought I might do a little survey here. For those of you who ever fish with a spinning setup, how do you place your fingers in relation to the reel?
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