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  1. What ever you chose do not mix old and new batteries. Always replace in pairs when run in series, it is hard on the electronics.
  2. Just curious to know how many anglers do you have registered for the event?
  3. Will do, prayers sent.
  4. That first cast deal ruined my trip Saturday, Took my wife's 83 year old uncle out for short ride for him and a couple hours of fishing/ learning the new ultrex for me. Started at 11:30 on channel swing into an island grey green water with tea stained riffles, threw a jerk bait up close to bank jerk it down paused it, jerk pause, jerk jerk pause, felt it load up set the hook and fought for 10 feet. Uncle said that's a good fish about that time it was gone. How a fish can not get hooked on a jerk bait amazes me. Spent 2 more hours with nothing. Always make short cast and get it in boat qu
  5. I fish an 87 Ranger 360, it's not the prettiest any more or the fastest but it is stable and catches fish. The fish do not care if they get caught by $100,000 boat or a $5000 boat. The live wells are all white on the inside, and I only put them in there if I am fishing a tourney. That is a beautiful ride hope you enjoy your Ranger as much as I love mine. You can also still get factory direct parts if you need them shipped from Flippin. If you want info PM me.
  6. I seemed to have turned my waypoints off, or have lost them. Does anyone have a clue as to where I have sent them and how I did it so I don't do it again.
  7. I would recommend the hiring a guide due to the Rock being a fickle beast. You can fish almost any way you like. It depends on if your just interested in catching numbers or quality. A guide can help you with that, I have never fished with Mr Babler but he has a stellar reputation and regularly almost daily posts detailed reports that are spot on.
  8. Top 34 boats all over 15 lbs, and # 35 at 14.98 and 3 20lb plus sacks. That's a catch fest for sure.
  9. OK been a while since I bought them, they up to about 2 bucks a pair now.
  10. Hey Wrench, or anyone else with knowledge on the subject. On an 87 Ranger 360 V do the rub rails attach with rivets or screws? Mine is shedding "rope fibers" and not looking good. How labor intensive is it to replace them? Any tips or if I was doing this job advise would be greatly appreciated. Can you just replace the "rope" with out pulling the entire rail? Thanks
  11. Go to ladies section at Walmart, get 10 pairs of cheap stretch gloves for 3.99. If they get wet change to another pair. Can still feel and keep my hands warm, when a hook snags them throw that glove away or very little expense. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to keep my hands warm while fishing and hunting. This is the most economical and warmest option I have found that I can cast and feel bites with.
  12. Hey Bo, What is a doodle when referring to a fishing lure. 10,000 unemployed comedians and these guys are trying to be funny🤣
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