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  1. It was a plesure to meet Todd. Gave me great info including a brushpile of two. I realy appreciate his willing to share. Ron
  2. Did you get any ducks? Merry Christmas and good luck with the knee. I may have been your first $$$ Client. Ron
  3. I have not caught any in Stockton,but the S shaped spotted bass were plentiful in Tablerock several years ago.
  4. One flood gate open for the 3 or 4 days.😎
  6. What a pleasure it was to fish with lmt-out! We had the trip planned for about a month and the weather Sunday was down right nasty. Northeast wind and whitecaps added to the challenge. I got to use Brandy"s rod and reel and was able to catch my half of the fish. It was indeed a pleasure watch Ed demonstrate his knowledge of walleye fishing. Never before have I had to use counters to keep track of the walleye. His equipment was top of the line. There was certainly no worm juice on the carpet of that great boat. I have a handicap sticker on my license plate and Ed was able to accommodate me without a hitch. Again, what a pleasure to fish with LMT-OUT! If and when he decides to go pro I would be happy to be a reference.
  7. I gave my nightcrawlers to a neighbor before they diseased do to disuse!
  8. In May of 2016 my friends son was able retrieve 3 struggling largemouth bass after a club way in. They were in the 5-6 lb range.
  9. Armadilia -diggings for worms??
  10. Welcome to the area. The weather forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday would keep me near the fireplace. Checking out the posts and articles on this board would be helpful and certainly warmer. Again welcome,, Ron
  11. Wasn't anything left to auction. Dang!
  12. I was saddened to see an auction notice for the Happy Hook Bait and Tackle shop. Sunday November 19, 2017 at 12 noon the real estate and contents will be auctioned. The Happy Hook is located just east of Stockton on 32. Marty and his wife had an inventory of a small Bass Pro, which was displayed on artful cedar racks. If they didn't have it they would order in the hot items. The Happy Hook is the only place I ever went to buy night crawlers and was offered a FREE steak dinner with all the trimmings. Could be a great chance to stock up on tackle. 11/19/2017 at 12:00 noon. Drop 'buy' after church.
  13. Enjoy Oregon. Going to do any fishing? Thanks for the report.
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