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  1. You’re a better man than me.
  2. The term Space Race has taken on a new meaning. After WW2, we stole the best Germans to speed up our way to the moon…so we could beat the Russians. Part of the Cold War protocol I assume. Now we have the worlds 2 richest men fighting like babies to outdo each other. I see where Bezos filed suit against NASA for “Moving the goal posts”… Musk trolls back with a tweet. I for one am not paying 28 million to go up in space with Bezos 😂😂😂😂 even if I was a billionaire! 😂
  3. Me too, 20 feet is hard to get…I’d be very happy with 12-15
  4. I just wonder in general what has happened to the size of the smallmouth in Missouri impoundments. 30 years ago it was almost a monthly experience that someone would catch a 6 pound smallmouth at either Table Rock, Bull Shoals or Stockton. It seems now I’ve heard of bigger smallies coming from the Meramec or Gasconade, or other rivers. Not sure why. There was a 6.38 caught last March from the Meramec.
  5. Just got word today from a local sporting good store that storm is making new wiggle warts that will go down to 20 feet deep… If this is true, and they continue to have comparable actions to the older wiggle wart, This is a game changer. In the past Rock crawlers could go deeper than warts but didn’t have quite the hunting type action that a wart did. If indeed the new wiggle warts will go deeper than a Rockcrawler with the same action of the old wiggle warts this is going to be quite unbelievable.
  6. By the way MIT =Missouri Institute at Taneycomo
  7. MIT….that’s close to perfection! Pete was their valedictorian!!!!!
  8. Just keep in mind that according to Einstein, your shoulders are slightly older than your feet...so it all makes sense. 😂
  9. They are nice for sure, but I think I still want a truck
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