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  1. I would be all over this but I am all the way down in Little Rock. Farts.
  2. Ever seen that Glock 20- 10mm? I've read they are a decent wildlife defense gun with the right ammo and you can't beat Glock reliability- for the price. I've got a Ruger 22/45, a browning buckmark 22, and a Ruger single six- all are fun but I enjoy shooting the Browning the most. I honestly do not like the Ruger MIII 22/45- too barrel heavy and too much plastic. Single six is a ton of fun too and very accurate.
  3. I just got back last week! Fished the Gunisson, Roaring Fork, Frying Pan and a bunch of creeks. Good times.
  4. Almost flipped it on the Arkansas... then I immediately sold it. Made a profit on it and did not die- so I guess it was a win.
  5. Only had one day off per week and there were a few salmon flies popping already. Had to be done. Wouldn't do it again, but I don't regret it!- Haha.
  6. That little hop you end up doing in deep swift water is terrifying. I once stupidly crossed the Northfork of the Gunnison in CO during run-off. At that particular spot, if you want to fish the main Gunny- you have to cross the fork. The old guy at the fly shop told me it was not crossable- and being a 25 year old idiot- I waded right in and ended up almost being shot out into the main river- which was a torrent that day. That moment when your head goes under and you start tumbling is not fun. Somehow I swam/crawled to the other bank- lost my hat- but I still had my rod and I ended up catching a bunch of good fish. I just started way upstream and swam the fork on the way back. Lesson learned- and I didn't even have rising water to contend with- just pure stupidity.
  7. I once had a 14/48 with a 40/30 Suzuki jet on the back. I can tell you you do not want that combo.
  8. I bought a used native ultimate 14.5 for $850 off CL. It is a sweet boat but it is a hybrid between a SOT and a canoe- plus side is that it holds 2 people (or 1) and you can easily stand in it. It also paddles pretty well and only weighs about 60 lbs. Holds up to something like 500 lbs. I've been taking it out on the Arkansas and poling around for carp on the fly recently- lots of fun.
  9. I just inherited 3 Cameron baitcasters. They seem really nice. Anyone heard of them? I believe they were made in Tulsa. They are at least 16 years old. They came with Shimano Chronarch 100s... which are pretty sweet.
  10. Not sure man- I havent fished WE much. I mainly know the twin bridges area.
  11. Brock is a good, hardworking guy- I have fished with him quite a bit- I am not surprised it was his client that landed that one. That fish is unreal.
  12. I would wear waders btw- that water can be uncomfortable. Also if it is a high water year the fishing can be pretty bad at twin bridges. I remember a few years it was unfishable or at least unwadable.
  13. I used to fish that run very extensively. Probably 4-5 days per week during college and lawschool. I like my 7wt with a 1ips (slow) full sinking line. I tie about 3 feet of 10lb mono as a leader/tippet- sometimes I would use a flouro tippet but it is not necessary. The hard part down there is getting away from the crowds. A canoe or kayak is very useful. My favorite clousers were dark grey/light grey, grey/blue, pink/chart., the maybe grey/white. Tie them short and cheap- because you will lose many flies. Sometimes you can get into hybrids and even the odd striper out there. Good luck- that is a buttload of fun.
  14. Thanks for the advice- I'm sure you are right. It is a great motor- my new jet starts up no problem- oh and it is quite a bit different under the cowl. The fuse is obvious on that one. BTW you were advising me a few months ago on the bent drive shaft and I got that all fixed per your advice- so thanks Wrench! I owe you a six pack.
  15. Thanks Wrench. I actually haven't even used the electric start- it wasn't really working when I got the motor, I just bought a 2001 Merc 20hp jet and I am fixing this one up to sell. The motor runs great btw. I never use Estart but I figured the next guy might. I don't really know that I hooked it up backwards- but I probably did. The starter would spin at first but would not engage. I figured it was corroded cables or a bad battery. Now it won't spin so I figured I must have blown a fuse. I may just yank the estart and sell it as if it never had one- then sell the parts on ebay. Thing starts on one pull- that battery is just useless weight to me. I don't know if I have the skill to fix electric gremlins.
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