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Valentine's Day with my true love


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Well I spent Valentine's day on the trout stream--- surrounded by my true love--- the trout. Fishing was good, for the most part. I started above rebar fishing the riffles and casting from the middle towards both banks. I was able to land several rainbows all of which were in the 12-14 inch range. Most of these strikes came when the wind kicked up and put a bit of a chop on the water.

I worked my way down fishing as I went and ended up standing about ten yards from the last line of rebar on the north side of the stream. I was able to pull a few nice fish out by drifting my flies on both sides of the last rebar on the north side. I finally hooked up with a monster that made several nice runs before breaking my off as I prepared for a photo op. I think it would have been between 25-30 inches- I had a nice look as it was getting tired, or so I thought- right before the break off.

After a few more fish from around rebar I worked my way up to #2 and fished the slower water just above the outlet. I was able to catch three browns the biggest of which was right at 18 inches. I soon found that my camera battery had expired and wasnt able to get a picture of the lagest.

fishing stayed hot untill 6:30 when the water was to high to fish my fly combo, and it was to dark to re-tie. the last 20 minutes were the hottest with the water rising and the sun dropping it seemed like every cast resulted in a fish.

I caught the majority of my fish on a #14 grey scud and a beige san juan, with the san juan dropped off of the scud by about 12 inches.

Good fishing --- Have fun


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