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Snagging Around St. Louis


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Just curious if anyone does any snagging on the Mississippi, Missouri, or Meramec. Never have gotten into it but with the season opening it seems like there would be some one who does it on the those rivers.

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I snagged a couple of times at Chain of Rocks last year from the bank. Seen tons of asian carp pulled in and I managed to catch four tiny spoonbill one cold day when I was the only person there. They banned snagging there this year though to protect sturgeon or something so the only other place to bank snag is below Alton Dam. Not much as far as spoonbill get caught there, but if you want asian carp then you can catch one every cast almost and they get them up to 40 lbs there. We mostly snag the Mississippi for the asian carp because they fight just as hard if not harder than a spoonbill and you don't have to worry about having a slow day of snagging those crazy things. They taste awesome if prepared right too.


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If the Missouri is up you can snag at Howell Island there in Gumbo Flats (Chesterfield Valley) There is a low water bridge that goes to the island and if the water is rolling over that then usually the spoonies are there. Winfield lock and dam is another place to get them but need a boat there. Usually Alton is better latter in the season around the 3rd week of April.

I have pulled many 40-60 pounders from there in the past.


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